Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tok Tok Chiang!

Today is a historical day for me and also for Nick. Because today, we finally made one big leap towards our goal! Nick was so excited that he told me can't sleep last night and then he woke up at 6am.

I was excited too but I slept well. Thanks to my mum for pardoning me all the noises.

Today, I wore pink as it is somewhat auspicious, Nick wore very formally which is quite unusual. He said that he wants to dress up for the historical moment.

We arrived at this Association of Small and Medium Enterprises at 10am and started the ball rolling~ Nick surprised me by telling me that he is going to register both company names that he came up with. Tok Tok Chiang and Painted Faces Team.

We had a discussion on which name to use. Many people voted Tok Tok Chiang and few people voted Painted Faces Team. However, I tot that for long term use, painted faces team might be more appropriate cuz eventually, opera is only going to be a part of the business, not the whole.

Unable to decide, Nick registered both companies on this auspicious day, 4 Nov 2010. It is a memorable day! We took pictures while doing the registration. LOL. I am so happy that this is happening too.

So now that we have the company name, I am going to make the namecards and do up a portfolio. I went to Hougang Mall with Nick to meet one of his friend and also approach the mall's management. LOL I suggested we go Hougang mall... it's nearer to my home...

On this memorable day, I write this blog and I want to post photos but Nick doesn't allow me to post his photos! He said that the photos I post must let him see first. After he approve then I can post. My god. So I am posting this photo which doesn't show his face.

This one I think no need his approval la cuz cannot see his face mah.... Then I have one that he approved below.. LOL, this one is he mms me one so I think must be he approve liao... but it's very small la.

We even recieved angbaos as a good luck from Nick's friend! Everything is auspicious today. I believe we will soar! :)

Dear friends, Must support us!!!

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