Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Damn Busy ok

I am quite busy leh. Counting the things that I need to do... and that I haven't do.. Gosh. I must start doing tomorrow le.

Today has been a very long day for me. I had a very bad sleep last night because I can't fall asleep! I ended up sleeping at 4am. Then my mum comes into my room at 7am, made alot of noise then went out.. Later at 8am, she came in again with the vacuum cleaner, made a lot of noise and then went out.. Later at 9am, she came in again with a mop, made a lot of noises then went out!

I almost KI SIAO!!!

I must find a resolution to this. If not I will ki siao one day. I told her that I cannot tahan all that noises in the morning. I will go mad so I am going to think of something, move to my sis's room when she comes in etc.

So today when finally I get to sleep after her last noise making session, Nick called me at 10am... ZZzzz....

'Jie jie, please wear nice today, we going to see MP.'

So in the end, I woke up.. took a bath, decide what to wear that is considered nice.... Then I went out to meet Nick at his friend's office. I did some photo editing for Nick and some other misc computer stuff. Then a business consultant came and we had a meeting.

It was interesting though the business consultant talked mostly about borrowing loans from bank. I did learn a lot from what he said and know more about bank loans. Actually, Nick and me dun need bank loans but its still good to know.

Then after that, we went off to meet MP and New York University. MP is actually Nick's friend. We met up with the MP and his wife to tour the New York University, Tisch Asia, which is an institute for film and TV. NYU is a prestigious university and this Film and TV degree that they are offering is one of the best ones around. Zhang Yi Mou's daughter is actually studying in this course in NY.

So it was an eye opener to visit the Uni. I saw those professional equipments that they used, the sets that they film in. Nick commented that their set doesn't lose to mediacorp. It was very interesting but too bad I din take photo, I didn't dare! LOL....

They actually got this motion capturing room that doesnt use markers! Normally motion capturing uses markers to mark the person's actions but apparently, this new technology doesn't use markers. I think they are using Infra red lights or something. Very interesting.

Thanks to Nick for this chance to see this school which reminded me so much of my days in Poly. Though our equipments were not that high-end at that time, it really reminded me of how I used to do projects thru days and nights. How I fooled around while doing projects.... Sweet memories.

I am so damn tired. Tomorow got to wake up early to pa bia.....

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