Monday, November 29, 2010

THE steamboat

Things jus cannot be more coincident. Or is it fated? Destined? LOL....

Today, I went to office with Weijun and I was like so damn hungry! Cuz in the afternoon I met Amai to shop at Nexx for awhile then when I got home, Weijun is there already. I didn't know that he is coming to my place but anyway, I chop chop packed my things and went to office.

So I didn't get to eat breakfast nor lunch.

Weijun told me that he also didn't eat breakfast and lunch, reason being he want to diet.. and look good for his photo shoot tomorrow. Fair enough.

Finally at 7+pm, we left office and Weijun said go to eat steamboat and he knows a very nice one around the same area. Ok, I like steamboat mah and Weijun is soup god. He told me he can be spokeperson for that restaurant already cuz he eat there so often.

As he drove on, I suddenly burst out in enthu... "Which restaurant you going?!?!?!"

He was a bit shock and asked me if I am very hungry, must exclaim like that. I said no lah, cuz last week I came this are for steamboat also with Amai they all. Weijun said,"Aiyah, this restaurant very ulu one. confirm you never go before."

Ok lor..

In the end it turns out....

To be the same restaurant!!! Weijun asked me,"sure or nt?! got so qiao mah, this restaurant so ulu u also know ah..."

So I told him is Amai de fren brought us here one. So qiao right and he so confident tat I never been here before... In the end.. LOL... So just now I went to this restaurant for the second time.

This is the one.. And that is weijun at the counter. How coincident right.

Me and Amai the first time we went there....


amai said...

That place so ulu, he still could find. Tell him that his sense of direction isn't that hopeless. LOL

Miko said...

yah.. apparently, he knows the way to that restaurant from Paya Lebar. But if need to go from his home.. he probably wont know..

shanice said...

where got ulu? this restaurant is good!!

great minds think alike!!