Monday, January 21, 2008

I am Mad!

I was reminded by YH yday that May is going to TW again. Today, I suddenly thought about this and I felt abit sick in the stomach. Hahahaha.. weird right?

I think I am sick of going to TW leh.. YH also think likewise. She told me that she is sick of going there too and would rather go somewhere else now. It's strange that I got NO temptation at all to go TW even though May is going or even if someone comes back from TW and tell me about the trip there. I will be like 'ok lor..'. There is nothing interesting there anyway. Just eat and eat. Shopping.. compared to guangzhou, TW shopping sucks. :P

Even the temptation to get costumes and hair pieces has ceased. No longer interested to browse costumes designs and source for hair pieces. If I got the money, I won't buy hair pieces anymore. Strange.

YH even mentioned before that she doesn't want to know anymore new TW friends. I more or less agree with her. Although I didn't know hundreds of Taiwanese but from the handful of them that I know, I think it's enough. It's hard to explain why but.. just sian lor. The way that the TW people talk to us and the way they do things... haiz..

Sorry la, I know over here among my blog readers got alot of TW fans.. including May but that's just my personal view. Don't bother to leave me comments to flame me that TW is wonderful and TW people are wonderful and I am stupid to think like this. Comments as such will be deleted without mercy. Sorry.. hahahaha I am mad la.. dun care about me.

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