Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flight to Iran

I got my details for my flight to Iran le. Rather lousy timing I would say... haiz..

Feb. 10, QR-627, Singapore- Doha, 02:45- 06:10
Feb. 10, QR-488, Doha-Tehran, 14:15- 16:45

Feb. 16, QR-489, Tehran- Doha, 18:00- 19:30
Feb. 17, QR-638, Doha- Singapore, 01:05- 13:50

My god, the transit waiting time is like 8 hours lor. I think they better let us out at Doha to walk around. I wanna see how Doha is like. Heard that it's a pretty city. :)

2.45am flight, meaning we have to reach airport at 12.45am, still not so bad la.. Can eat supper.


Kongming said...

like tat how to send... aiyo...

Miko said...

hai.. cannot send la. lousy timing.. but in a way.. good also la. can sleep in plane.