Monday, January 07, 2008

YH de Idol

YH de new idol is Chen Zhao Xiang. These few days I will go to GCB sometimes to see show if I am super boliao and I will sms with YH during the show. I find that the sheng's costumes are nice but the dan's one I don't really like.

Anyway that's not the point.

I commented to YH that I like CZX's singing but I think she over-used the 'hu yin' aka tiger voice. Hu Yin is normally used by hua lians like bao gong.. or cao cao etc. So I find the use of hu yin for a normal sheng is abit over doing it. If she is doing a rough baddie then I think it's still acceptable but definitely not for a normal scholarly role. Anyway she used hu yin for all her roles.

So now that CZX is YH de idol, she zhong idol qing you lor.

As these few days YX was abit siao siao, sometimes ok, sometimes ki siao it made me very frustrated whenever I saw him in GCB. Maybe he stressed or wat. So one night after the show, YX ki siao again and I was very pek cek. He was supposed to meet me but he needed to go eat supper with some rich aunties last minute. What the hell. So I got nothing to do and accidentally joined a dinner which included YH de idol, CLQ and ZYS (another 2 actresses from MHY).

I wasn't really in the mood to chat so I didn't talk much during the trip in the car. CLQ was chatting away .. I was smsing YH. YH very pissed off lor when she know that I went for supper with her idol and she wasn't included. Haiz.. I am not a star chaser and I didn't really arrange myself for this dinner. I was supposed to meet YX. arrggh.. pek cek.

So in the end a little argument went on between me and YH about why the hell I got myself into this supper. Haiz... I tell her I dunno lah and I don't really care lor. I just want to kill time while waiting for yx to finish his supper with those rich aunties.

In the end, I asked YH to join and she came.. so good la.. she can stop to kp me lor. I cannot imagine if she never come, she will kp till I die.

Everyone was busying taking photos turn by turn with the stars. I just sat there smsing YH. Though I was in a depressive mood, I tried to smile lah.. YH de idol told me that when I smile, my eyes also smile.. then she laughed. I dunno if that is a joke because it didn't sound like one. I didn't know how to react leh.. Think I was abit slow in reactions during depressive mode or maybe it's a taiwanese joke which we cannot understand.



Anonymous said...

i also like czx!!! xj

Miko said...

then u can yh can form a fanclub lor~

amai said...

When CZX became YH's idol? Tot it has been XJ's idol all along.

Miko said...

Ever since yh saw czx perf in gcb lor.... she is now fan of czx

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! one more fan for czx! trust me - she is cute lor.xj