Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Year Resolution

I have already started writing on my GZ trip and saved it in my draft. Unfortunately, it's not completed yet so I can't post it up. Think should be able to post it by the end of this week.. hahah.. slow.. unlike MD, he posted on the first day we came back.

After the new year has passed for so long, I have finally decided what my new year resolutions are.

As most people know, I am a very aimless and unmotivated person. I am just so sian of my own life and everything around me. I don't know what I want in the future, I just live everyday as it is.

I think it's very stress to think about future, to think about what you want to be in 10 years' time. So the best thing to do is not think about it anymore. Just live everyday as it comes.

New Year Resolution

1) Learn French

I have been learning French since like forever but I stopped for a very long time. I think it's about 2 years already. So this year, I am going to pick up French again. I am now taking a course at a CC with Lock. Alliance Francaise is too expensive for me, $324 for 2 months! I like this language because it sounds nice and I think French people are really nice.

Our French class in the CC is a HUGE class, think there are about 30 ppl. I didn't know that so many people are interested in learning French too. I wanted to directly sign up for stage 2 French but Lock wanted to start right from the bottom, so we signed up the beginner's class. Unfortunately, these 2 weeks I was unable to attend the class because it clashes with my opera practices. Merde! I hope to make it next week lor.

After going back to the French class, I realised that I lost touch with quite a number of things. I forgot the meaning of some words and the use of some grammer styles. Fortunately, they are still somewhere in my brain and I managed to pick them back quickly.

2) To become prettier

Hahaha.. abit lame but my second resolution for this year is to become prettier. Gotta get rid of those GODDAMN pimples! Haiz.. I need to get prettier so that more guys will treat me dinner lor.. hahah.. joking.

Lock told me that I am always leeching off my bfs. hahaha.. He is just jealous lah. He's been wanting to find a girl to leech off to but he couldn't find one. He is jealous that I have been leeching off my french bf so long that I can speak French much better than him. Actually I didn't leech off him la.. It's a 'ni qing wo yuan' thing. He willingly taught me French for free mah. Lock wants to find a french gf too. Good luck lor.. that's all I can say.

Think my face getting better these few days.. That's good. And those freakin pimples please don't come back!

I think for now, 2 resolutions are enough. Can't think too much about what to do also. It will make me crazy.


md said...

i scare later i lazy to blog abt gz mah. wish u chen yu luo yan soon.

fr said...

for now? Haha, sounds like U got more resolutions coming

Miko said...

MD: THanks for that but still far from chen yu luo yan, still need to get rid of scars.

FR: I don't know.. but I cannot be too free lor. If I don't occupy my time with lots of activities, i will think about bad things. i need to be very busy.. that way i will feel better.