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DND 2007

Our DND 2007 was held on 28 Dec at Chijmes, Upperclub.

As our branch is not very big, we only have about 80 staff and so there were only about 11 tables. Before the dinner starts, there is caricature drawing and hand waxing activites but as I was late (lock's fault) I didn't manage to do hand waxing. SO SAD!!!

But I still got my caricature drawn.

Our dinner area. Nice place right? I think this restaurant is quite pretty. I like the hanging decorations from the ceiling.

The dinner was a chinese sit down dinner so the Muslims got their own special halal set meal. I think it's very cute as they look like a mini dish.

See picture~

This was the normal regular cold dish. The Muslims got a personal one...

Mini cold dish! cute right....

Lock asked me to bring a temp staff as a partner so that night, I got myself a partner who is only 19 years old. Likewise, Lock also brought another temp staff as partner.

Lock and his partner... having 'jiao bei jiu'.

Me and my underage partner.

Later on during the dinner, I was sabotaged by my manager to play a game on stage... haiz... I am a very quiet person in the office lor and I thought that nobody will call my name so I just sit there quietly enjoying my fried rice and fish when I heard my manager calling my name.


So I just went up. The host still said that I am very sporting cuz I did'nt resist like what the other staffs did. Actually I never thought of resisting leh.. Maybe in the past I would.

I was paired up with a guy whom I don't know. He is from another department and I don't think I seen him before. The host paired up the staffs into couples and asked us to do a small MTV like thing. A song will be played and we will be asked to do some actions.

I dunno if I look very solemn or what, the host said that I looked very serious. Maybe I was thinking hard about how to do it. hahaha.. Anyway.. just anyhow do la.

The song that we kana was Unchained Melody. Standard lor.. I was asked to sit on a chair and pretend to mold the ceramics while thinking of my lover. The guy then walk in and we do the ceramics together. After that we were supposed to stand up and hug. The 'audience' below all laughing like hell lor but I didn't laugh much.

Me pretending to mold the ceramics and pretending to think of Lee Hom.. hahaha. The host said that I looked very professional. Hahah.. but chinese opera never need to do ceramics before lor...

Later the guy came in and when we were supposed to do the huggin thing, the guy just walk past me and hug the air while the host tried to shout 'cut' before we hug. The host said that he saved me from the hugging. hahaha.. aiyah.. actually I dare to do that hugging action lor.. just like how I hug Bala in opera or how I hug Ang in the Doctor show.

The next couple did a chinese song, tian mi mi. The host demo an opera like actions for the couple to do.. My manage sitting below was laughing and signalling to me that I should have done this song. Yah man... I think I can do better with this chinese song.

Anyway we didn't win lor.. the winner was my HR manager who did a very silly and funny indian song.

My HR and his wife doing the coconut tree dance.

Then there was this indian man giving a talkshow. He was pretty funny and he did a few silly dances. He even sang a Jacky Cheung's cantonese song!

The indian guy teaching Macarena dance.

The attraction of the night is of course the lucky draw. The prizes were very attractive but I didn't win anything!!! So damn sad.

This year we had a special guest, our Asia CEO from Japan. This japanese old man was very funny lor. He even declared to us that new year eve will be a holiday! Our CEO said that since Asia CEO said that it's a holiday, we will be getting half day on New year Eve.. then the Asia CEO said that he made a mistake, it should be a full day holiday. So happy leh, so we got a long weekend during the New year's period.

The Asia CEO also joked that he will throw in a lucky draw prize, one way ticket to Osaka to work for BV Japan.

Our grand lucky draw prize was a 37 inch LCD TV with a $450 air ticket voucher. The second prize was a $1000 chan brother's voucher. Lock was hoping to get the 8th prize which was a PSP. I was hoping to get the TV, the $1000 voucher or the Osim Isqueeze. Too bad I didn't get anything..

After somebody else got the PSP, Lock was disappointed. Then there came the bonus prize from our Japan CEO. He is sponsoring 2 return tickets to OSAKA including 5 stars accomodation! What the hell man... then in the end i also never win. My number was 55 and the winner was 54!!! Pek cek like hell lor. If I win I will bring Lock go Osaka.. hahaha. .cuz if he win, he has to bring me to Osaka. His number was 56. What the hell?????

Kwa kwa kwa... there goes my Osaka trip with 5 stars hotel. :(

Pek cek like hell. I am never good at lucky draws!

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luckily his number is not 53, else u vomit blood liao