Tuesday, December 19, 2006


We had a Wei lao hui yesterday for the participants of Maha. Ang told us to dress up for it but I forgot to. It was raining so badly, no mood to dress up la.. Will get wet.

The dinner was scheduled at 7.30pm. May wanted to do some last minute christmas shopping so we all met up at around 6.30pm at City Hall to shop awhile. I dunno if I should buy x'mas gifts also. Abit no mood leh.. But I do like shopping tho...

At around 7.30pm, we met up with YL and my mum to head for the restaurant at Purvis street.

Our dearest prof is already there and also our dearest Ang. She dressed up for the dinner.

Ang of cuz sat with the big shots. We the small shots sat together.

Small shots, YH is pointing at me.. screaming "Mad or wat?! Dun take my photo lor!" May on the other hand was gossiping I think.

YL seldom appear on my blog, aiya give a chance to star here. Woo hoo~ She was as usual, talking and talking but look at May. Think she more interested in smsing lor. Poor YL talking to the wall.

This is ang, yah i know I was very fan over her words but that day YH started taking photos with her so I just joined in the fun but so sorry, i got no make up on my face thus revealing my ugly scars. oops.

After the dinner, we wanted to head for PP but then it was raining like hell and Ang say go kopitiam drink kopi first. So we all went to kopitiam while the rest of the COI big shots left. When we just sat down, WZ and Ang started arguing over Xi Fan and Ji Fan. To Ang, Xi fan and ji fan sounded the same and wz could have bought the wrong food for her if she mistaken ji fan as xi fan.

WZ arguing with her hands flying around.

Arguing still going on and Ang is having a headache.

Ang: Xi fan and Ji fan are the same!
WZ: No they are not... one is 'J' the other is 'X'..

Ang pekcekly looking at WZ.Look at this.. what is this hand trying to do?

Wah lau eah.. Taking photo.. Later Ang zam you one leg give you diao bia ok... YH trying to take a photo of Ang very pekcek over Xi and Ji.

Then they heckcare the argument and started taking photos.. Mad or wat?

Then I joined in the 'Mad or wat?' action and took photo together with they 2... hahaha...

After the kopi break at the kopitiam, susan sent us home. We wanted to go PP but it was raining and May was busy smsing so we dropped the idea.


yanhong said...

miss miko huang, blog so many of my ugly photos..pls pass me the device and it will be my turn to blog urs....

Miko said...

Please lor, I only blog afew of your photos. I do not allow my ugly photos to appear online so you better choose the better ones. Else I not going to pass u the BT.