Thursday, December 21, 2006

Company Dinner

The day I came back from JB, I went home chop chop got ready to go for company dinner. It's actually a dinner for my department only. For this dinner, i have to contact all the 22 inspectors and try to find a perfect time where everyone can make it.

In the end, most ppl can't make it and some ppl just dun like to attend company dinner. So ended up only about 15 ppl came including all the admin staff.

Shawn and Patrick. I think Shawn is the youngest inspector in our company. Our inspectors are mostly above 40, uncle type.

Azman and Shah, we were at the Hyatt Hotel, Straits Kitchen. They serve local dishes like chicken rice, laksa, prata.. all those. Some inspectors do not want to come becuz they think the food is cheap, can be found at Hawker Centres. It's different lor. The cooking was very nice and they got lots of ex dishes like big prawns, crabs and scallops.

Philip and Roger, they are good inspectors, never give me problems. Some inspectors very irritating lor. Always give me problems, give me headache only.

This is me and my colleagues. Well, May, the one in the middle is my manager who I always mention to you. She intro all those diet pills and all those beauty tips for me lor. See, I told you she not fat but she is taking reductils now.

After the dinner, we went to KTV for awhile but I was half dead cuz I just returned from JB. At around 11+, I told them I wanna go home liao.. They are ang moh style and prefer to sing ang moh songs.. i sing chinese songs a bit weird la. So I decided to leave. In the end becuz I decided the leave, the whole group decided to leave also. Fortuantely, one of the inspectors sent us home, i dun need to go and find taxi. I will be dead lor.

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