Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dressing up?

Amai keep commenting that recently I was very busy and that I seldom online liao. Haiz, actually by right I should be quite free after a major performance but somehow by left, I am like very occupied. Busy par toring la.

Recently I became more and more vain leh.. Aiyo.. bought clothes.. accessories.. etc. Actually ever since I learnt opera, I became more and more sloppy. Can't be bothered to dress up since I am only going for rehearsals and there are no yandaos at COI. So everytime I just sloppily go lor.. and I realised that May also became like that. Drop standard liao. Can't be bothered to dress up for rehearsals. Last time I not like that one leh..

And the worse thing is rehearsals always falls on Saturday and Sunday and these are the only 2 days which I got time to slowly dress up. If I can't be bothered to dress up on sat and sun and I got no time to dress up during the weekdays for work.. that will mean that I am not dressing up at all. I will look like Auntie.. wah lau eh.. cannot like that leh.

I look at my wardrobe and realised that all my pretty dresses are collecting dust. Kinda sad. I wanted to wear those but thinking of having rehearsals.. like no mood to wear also.. Sian.. Sometimes I just heckcare and dress up for rehearsals and ppl will be like.. "wah.. miko today want to go where??"


everyone ask and ask lor.. but actually not going anywhere lah.. just want to dress up that's all. Cant go on slacking like this.. I am 24 years old leh.. not 42 lor... dammit.


fr said...

can also dress up to work leh

amai said...

Hahahahahaha..I have not dressed up for ages! Like wat u have said...going rehearsals...dress up may become too overdressed.
I only dress up most prettily is during performances..can u imagine that?
My brother's getting married next monday and Mum forces me must wear get use to it or not..I hardly wear heels too....but I wear the opera's 3 inch sheng shoes...
Funni rite...(LOL)

juanjuan said...

Wow.. mk - this time we are great minds think alike!

Just some mths/weeks ago, my collegaues were telling me that my dressing and my social presence have dropped heavily since i just started work 5 years ago ~ my dressing ever since i joined opera is "sloppy, casual, anything!"

Just like mai - ever since i joined opera, i only cared that i look nice on stage. Off-stage ugly is ok!

But now that i re think, i think its kind of silly lor.. cos we are in our "real form" most of the time. yet we let ourself look so sloppy and ugly most of the time.. hahah

But i noticed this seems to be a trend in opera circle lor.. last time when i 1st went kh, i actually put up make up, always color hair etc. When yue ai and linda 1st joined us, they were also very dressy, modern and chic. Now they are still pretty, but the chic is replaced with causal informal...

The only exceptional person is Karen ~ she is also at the front line of fashion and i think this is how we shd be :)

Miko said...

ya, juan.. that was what i was thinking yesterday.. I look at myself and heard comments from frens that i looks so sloppy now.. I put all my efforts to look good on stage but off stage I just slack. As you said, that is very silly cuz we are off stage most of the time. We need to project our social image leh.

juanjuan said...

Thats why my colleague pulled me to orchard for shopping yday ~ they cant stand my hyper out of fashion and "nuan nuan" outlook hahah!

Miko said...

Today I dressed up abit to go coi and as expected, everyone gave me a 'look' and even ang looked at me for 2 seconds. Then tian they all ask me.. "why u dress so cute today?" da li qin ask me "where are u going??"

but i am trying to make it a habit la.

amai said...

Karen is different...Think is her character...I dun think she would go anyway without her makeup..(LOL)
But one thing good about her cos we shared hotel room in TW. She makes up herself fast and neat and she doesn't mess her things anyhow. (LOL)

amai said...

U know wat...Takarazuka Actresses still look very good at rehearsals....They wear branded sporty stuff or very very nice clothes. They are very conscious of their outlook as fans stay outside their theatre which is also their rehearsal venue to catch a glimspe of them.

Miko said...

AMai: Yah, the taka actress got fans. they got all the reasons to dress up. I got no fans but I still decide to take care my dressing cuz like what juan said, I become 'nua nua' also. Cannot continue to nua. I already fail my gzx.. so I should take care of my other areas.

amai said... dress up...sometimes fans aint primary concern..dressing up makes u feel great..isnt it.

For me...I'm a lazibone...heehee