Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fire Drill

Today we were informed that there will be a fire drill. Rather suay as today is a busy day. My partner was gone for a workshop so I got to cover her work. Tired like hell. So around 9.30am, the fire alarm screamed and we still dilly dally in the office. I still drink some more tea before heading downstairs.

Slowly, we walked down the stairs from our 9th floor office. We were supposed to head for the carpark near to the Carribean Condo. Along the way, there was sea breeze lightly blowing at us. So cooling. Listening to the sea waves splashing onto the rocks..

We were walking along this passageway towards the carpark. I dunno what the guys in front were pointing at but I think they must be pointing at the cable cars tower..

Then I saw this harpoon gun to my surprise. I don't expect to see a hapoon gun on Keppel Bay lor. I tot they only exist on Sentosa? A new discovery yo.

Then the ppl all crown in this carpark to take attendance. It'sgoing to rain! My god and they are still not done with the fire drill..

Meanwhile, took a photo of this Carribean condo. I think it's quite a nice condo.. After awhile, we were allowed to go back. So we made our way back, passing by the harpoon gun and passing by the sea side. Back to office to work. so sian...

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