Saturday, December 09, 2006

D n D

Just had my Dinner and Dance yesterday. It was quite a nice dinner and we had it at IndoChine, Bar Opiume. I specially went to curl up my hair that day for the dinner and I love the curls! Unfortunately, I can't make them permanent as I still need them for opera.

Took this pic outside as the Bar Opiume was pretty dark. I want to take a photo of the curls! But too bad la. I never bring my camera. So can only use HP to take lor.

See Bar opiume is actually quite a nice place. The deco is very cool and the ambience was good. I am not a drinker but I am trying to be one. My manager forced me to drink some white wine. I dun like leh. Too sour. I prefer cocktails. So she recommended me this Lychee Martini which I thought was kinda nice.

Our dinner was Vietnamese food. I love it! I like especially those rice paper spring rolls. Healthy and Yummy!

Then we had some games and the MC was a good. He was funny and made lots of silly comments, liven up the atmosphere~ There was a lucky draw too and the grand price was a 27" LCD TV. I didn't win any lucky draw lor. I am just so suay. There were other great prizes like Digi cam 7.1 px with a printer included and a Nokia phone and a MP3 player. But I never win anything! Suayz.

The whole fuction ended at around 10:30pm. Quite early in my opinion but I got my own appointment after the DnD la. Hee hee...

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