Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fussy me

I am a virgo and virgos are said to be very perfectionist. I dunno if I am one. Sometimes I am not so perfectionist leh. I dun ask for alot but then sometimes I do silly things just to make things perfect. One good example.....

I was looking at some documents and I saw this file fastener like this..
One side is longer than the other side. Wah liew.. Cannot tahan leh. Why one side is longer? Like that not balance. So I will adjust it.

Like this, both sides are equal long. Hahahaa..

I felt much comfortable after adjusting it. Hahaha..

Sorry for wasting your time to read this boliao post! hee hee

1 comment:

Kongming said...

hm... how come i not like tat. haha... difference between male n female virgo.