Friday, December 08, 2006


That time remember YH blogged about the bq at my place. Yah, I got take some photos but that time I didnt have my bluetooth so I can't blog about it. Now that the BT is back, I am going to post up some photos too!~

We were all happily bbqing and you can see May at the pit there bbqing her favourite crabstick. She want to make the crabstick crispy and bloated. After much hard efforts, she finally made some and ask our dearest richard to put them on a plate. Unfortunately, Richard decided to act smart and used the tongs to hold up about 7 crabsticks and walked to the table to put them on a plate. Just plain lazy in my opinion. He could have took a plate to the pit instead.
And so, accident happened.He dropped all the crabsticks on the floor! Frantically he wanted to quickly pick up the crabsticks without May noticing him but it was too late. May already saw and she screamed at the top of her voice.


Then she started scolding Bala upside down.

That is May, scolding Bala. Bala was still trying to pick up the crabsticks.

Poor May. And so, she got to bbq the crabsticks all over again!~

Then unfortunately, another accident happened. The pit caught fire. Everyone started to panick and tried to distinguish the fire by fanning it furiously.

I took this photo when the fire was gone but you can see Richard still trying to fan the fire. Then he picked up all the chaota chicken wings from the pit to give the rest to eat!
These are the chaota wings. EEEEeeee... eat liao will kana cancer lor.

Group of ppl eating happily. Forgetting all woes for the moment. Haiz.

It started raining and everyone started packing up. See everyone busy clearing the stuff. The cake for my sis was not cut yet and so we went up to cut the bday cake~

My sis very happy cuz she got 2 cakes! hahaha

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