Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tonight's Class

Tonight is my first Korean class, I am so excited! At the same time I am also very worried. I am worried that I might not learn this language as well as I want to. I am also afraid that it will be a very difficult language.

French is really a crazy language. It's like way more difficult than English. The grammar can drive you nuts. It's very confusing when I was in intermediate level. Haiz, on the other hand I also didn't have the high level of determination because it got too expensive for me to learn.

I hope that Korean is not a crazy language like French, which for your info has got 14 tenses.

Let me quote an example for French.

In English:

I write
You write
She writes
He writes
We write
They write
It writes

Basically there are like only 2 versions, write and writes, for present tense.

In French:


Tu écris
Il écrit
Nous écrivons
Vous écrivez
Ils écrivent  

This is present tense. So I have to like memorize how the root word, which is écrire, will be spelt.  

Then to make things more complicated, we have future tense.

In English:  
I will write
You will write
He will write
We will write...  

As you can see, only one version, write. In French, I am sorry but it will be:

Tu écriras
Il écrira
Nous écrirons
Vous écrirez
Ils écriront

All different!!! So again I have to memorize all the 6 different conjugations for future tense. And don't forget we have 14 tenses in French. And don't forget there are gender differences which will make a difference in French verbs.

So I really put in a lot of effort at that time to learn French, I learnt all the conjugations for I think 6 tenses. After that I go crazy. I started to get confuse when to use which tense.

I hope Korean is not a crazy language cuz I really want to learn it well.

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