Friday, August 24, 2012

Immortal Song - Yesung

Recently I have been very addicted with this song 'The More I Love You' which Yesung sang in a program, Immortal Song 2.

Immortal Song is a program where popular singers will pick a song which a certain older singer sang before and compete each other. Like if that episode's guest is Andy Lau then you have to choose one of his songs and perform in front of him and Andy Lau and 200 of his fans will vote which singer sang the best. Famous composers and song writers will also be on the program to comment on their singing. I think it's a very stressful contest because the contestants are already international idols. It's very embarrassing to have lost to another idol right? 

Normally singing competitions in Taiwan variety only have contestants who are not singers or maybe not very famous singers. I mean if you are not famous or anything then it's not as stressful but competition among the famous idols is too stressful.

That's why Yesung mentioned in the program that he is so nervous that he can't remember what he did on stage. In this particular episode, Yesung beat all the 挑战者 one by one and finally beat the last episode's winner and became the winner of this episode with this song.

I don't know what he is singing when I first watched this but even without knowing the words, I was very touched with this song. You can totally hear the emotions in his voice, he expressed it so well that you don't need the words to feel him.

Ponyo once told me that pitching, voice projection and rythm are all just basics in singing. The ultimate 境界is the emotions and 个人特色. I think Yesung has both. He definitely has 个人特色 because I can recognise his singing among all the SJ members easily. Plus he is so blessed with a husky and sexy voice. One of the other contestants in the program, the girl, sang very well but one of the composers said that she put too much emphasis in pronunciation and lack emotions.

Sometimes at SL, I hear comments like this too. Like a particular puts too much effort in pitching and in the end lack of emotions.

Singing is just too damn tough.

Please watch this amazing video of the song Yesung sang in the contest. Especially the chorus part, totally 催泪. The judges (the former singers of this song) commented that since their ex-vocalist passed away, none of the new vocalist can sing this song well and Yesung executed it so well here.

And you can also see the other contestants totally stunned with yesung's singing. Normally after a contestant sang, the other contestants will clap naturally but in this video, the other contestants didn't react like that. They just looked stunned.

Today is Yesung's bday, so I am dedicating this song to him and everyone else who likes him. :) Yesung fighting!

Please watch :

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