Monday, August 06, 2012


Last Friday, I was reading my kpop news as usual and saw that SMTown World Tour is going to Indonesia! They have confirmed to go Jakarta for the concert in September. I don't understand why it is announced so late! shouldn't things like this be confirmed like months ago? Just like Shinee World concert in Dec was confirmed in July.

Because of the last minute confirmation of SMtown concert, I was in a fluster. The date is so near. I really want to see this even though it's not Suju's solo concert. Other artistes will be performing like f(x), SNSD etc. Girls group which I don't like to watch will be performing too. But I still want to see it because SMtown is the only concert where Shinee and Suju will perform together. So I can get to see them both at the same time. LOL.. And TVXQ too. Though I dunno TVXQ well, I think they have very good stage performances too.

After knowing about the concert last Fri, I started frantically searching for more details  about it. I found out that ticket sales only start on 9 Aug. I was thinking that I will have a slim chance to get the tickets because imagine SNSD, Shinee, TVXQ etc.. their fans will also crash into the ticket system once sale starts.

Moreover, I am supposed to perform on Sept 22 with Susan. So I asked Susan if she can get replacement. She said she is not sure. So I think I must at least find someone to replace me before I can put my mind of finding ticket. Thank god, May teng and Miss Tan has agreed to act in my place! Yay!!!

Saturday, I saw in a forum for SJ international fans that they are pre-ordering tickets for overseas fans. I was super excited and contacted them. I have to send money to them then they will get the ticket for me. I was abit worried because I don't know these people and what if I sent the money but I don't get the ticket?

But in the end, I threw all precautions and sent them $200 through Paypal for my standing ticket. Yes, standing.

I told my mum about my plans and she is quite sad that I am not performing just because I want to see a concert. She said that since I agreed with Susan to act, I should act. Yes, I agree that I should if I already agreed but I have already found my replacement so what's the issue???? I think she just want me to act with her lah....

If that's the case then I am not going to accept anymore performances that give me long notices. I only perform for shows that give me at most 2 weeks notice. I told Susan for future gzx shows, please reject. Cuz gzx is very hard to find replacement. I am like the only hua dan around. I am sick of this. Why should I sell my life to opera.

So conclusion and resolution is, please don't ask me to perform with long notices. At most 2 weeks. So I won't have to be in a such a difficult situation anymore. And I don't need to go bother May to help me act. I know she hates it too. Haiz. I dunno, gzx actresses hate to act. It's weird.

And so my mum yday suddenly asked me," Can you not go Jakarta?"

I told her I already bought the ticket and it's $200.

She was like :(

I have already performed many times with her and I have done so many GZX shows, isn't it enough? It's high time that I do some other things.

May Teng asked why I am still going Jakarta to watch concert when I told her I am broke.

Well, at first I wanted to buy 2 costumes with May which total to about $700+. Instead of buying 2 costumes, I am using that to watch concert. :) And I always say that I am broke because I want to save money and why I want to save so much money? Because I want to use the money for cases like this. And now the situation has arrived, I should use my savings for it.

And why is it that I MUST MUST MUST watch this concert? Cuz this is most probably the last concert of Teukie before he enlist in NS. He is enlisting at the end of the year and there is still no news of whether SMtown will come to Singapore. I like Teukie so I hope to see him in concert befor he disappears for 2 years.

Anywa I already wired $200 over and my mum asked me why the hell I am paying $200 to STAND in a concert. Yah, standing ticket is more expensive than the sitting tickets cuz standing tickets are closer to the stage. Then she asked, why the standing tickets are in front? Like that those sitting cannot see...

Haiz, it's very complicated, I dunno how to explain! Anyway the stage is very different from GCB so you cannot imagine the place to be like GCB where ppl standing in front will be hit by a slipper from an obasan behind you.

Let me show you guys my Super Cute Junior whom just performed SMTOWN in Japan last week. The stage will be like this and you can see the people in front are standing. Oh and please note that blue is the fanclub colour for SJ so you can imagine how many fans SJ have. Please watch this video!!

So now, I am waiting to confirm with Indonesia side that they manage to get my ticket before I book air tickets and hotel. In Japan last week, more than 600k people tried to buy tickets but only got 100k tickets to be sold .Very competitive!!!

Please pray for me that I will get my ticket. _/\_

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