Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kpop Fandom Colours

Kpop groups' fanclubs and their colours.

Today I received the confirmation of my ticket! I was sent only the picture of my ticket, this is all the confirmation I can get from them. On 22 Sept, I will need to go to the venue to collect the ticket. I am so super ultra mega mega mega excited!! I have got my lightsticks, my ticket and now it's time to buy air ticket! Woo hoo!


I know that it's probably none of my friends' concern about the kpop colours. But isn't it interesting to know other countries fandom culture? I would be interested to know even if I am not a kpop fan. It's just general knowledge and keeping in touch with the world.

Ekin's fanclub doesn't have an official colour. Our first fanclub t-shirt was white with blue words. Then later it changed to a jacket of orange with black words. And there wasn't any official lightsticks.

In Korea, the stars have their own fandom colour. It is normally ASSIGNED by the entertainment company. Not by the singers themselves. The entertainment company will then release the colour information to the fans so they can you know, prepare stuff in that colour. It's rather cute right??? I like that idea.

As all of you now know because of my constant harping, my SUJU's fandom colour is Pearl Sapphire Blue. Basically it's just deep blue. Shinee's official colour is sky blue, looks like turquoise to me.

Let's see the colourful seas of Kpop concerts!!!

Super Junior's Sapphire Blue ocean

Now, isn't that SPECTACULAR or what?!?! If you type sapphire blue ocean in google, you will get Super Junior's concert photos. Hee hee... Only TVXQ and SJ's concert photos are easy to find. The others took me some time.

And each fandom got their own NAME. For SUJU it will be ELF.

Dear Friends, I announce that I am a proud ELF, which stands for EverLasting Friends. One of Suju songs has this line 'The biggest fanclub in the world, the ELF, my girls, my angels'

TVXQ Red ocean

TVXQ's fans are known as Cassiopians.

Big Bang's Yellow ocean
Big Bang's fans are known as VIP.

Shinee's Sky Blue ocean
 To me this looks more like Turquoise than sky blue. Shinee's fans are called Shawol which is shortform for Shinee World. I am not a Shawol but I am going to see their concert in Dec. Cuz their songs are quite nice and also I enjoy the intoxicating highness in concerts. And so, even tho I am not a SHAWOL, I must get this turquoise lightstick to be part of the ocean!!

SS501's Green ocean
SS501's fans are known as Triple S or SSS, stands for SuperStar Supporters.

SNSD's Pastel Pink ocean
Though I love pink, I am sorry but I am not a SONE, SNSD's fans.

Wonder Girl's Purple ocean
Wonder Girl's colour is purple and their fans are called Wonderful. I am sure you know who wonder girls are. They are the singers of Nobody Nobody Bak Chew!

Shinhwa's Orange ocean
Orange ocean~ And Shinhwa fans are known as Shinhwa Changjo. No idea what that means. :P

Of course with so many idols around, there are not enough colours to distribute and some clubs will have the same colours. Sometimes the fans will fight over the colours and make complaints if a new group is assigned a same colour as them.

There is also white and even grey colours but I can't find a proper picture of those colours' oceans. So too bad. I can't show you.

While trying to find these pictures, I saw a comment some people posted over this phenomenon. One of them said 'Kpop is just getting weirder and weirder'.

Lol.. How is this weird? I think it's cute and it's a mega booster for the singers. You know who are your true fans and who are not. Doesn't a stadium filled to the brim with your fanclub colour just boost your confidence and gives you encouragement? Especially during a combined concert where there are many groups performing together.

Like the SMtown I am going is a combined concert. Outside the concert venue, the official concert lightstick will be distributed which is purple pink. So when SJ comes on stage, the ELFs will switch to their own blue lightstick. So with one look, SJ will see how many people who attended the concert are their fans. Those holding purple pink lightsticks are not and those who switched to blue are their fans. There is good and bad because the group who doesn't have lots of fans will have like sparsely dotted lightsticks of their club colour then they might feel sad. There will therefore be strong competition. There is ALWAYS competition in Kpop and the competition is so strong! It's amazing how they can live with this stress. It's stronger than any other entertainment industry.

I have got my blue lightstick ready. :D

Lightsticks and their colour plays a big part in Korean entertainment. Unlike HK and TW, they are not really THAT important. So you often see mixed colours here and there.

I hope I will be part of this blue ocean one day. Then my life will be complete, I die with no regrets.

LOL. When I got time I will blog about the BLACK OCEAN. Which is the horror of every kpop idol and it only happened like twice in kpop history.


Anonymous said...

HI, I just want to say you are so lucky to be able to go to smtownina!! so envious! hahahaah!

Miko said...

Ah thanks... but I am afraid that Teuk will not be there. I will be so sad!

Anonymous said...

TVXQ is pearl red fans are called Cassiopeia, Cassies for short... they made it to having most fans in world and CassiELF is shipped, we are sisterly fans, BigBang fans are called VIP because they are BigBang's 'Very important people', There are different shades of oceans and fans are very specific, like SNSD's pink ocean, a Sone corrected me saying "Its PASTEL ROSE pink ocean', SS501 is pearl light green,.. WonderGirls fan color is actaully pearl burgundy not purple, the lightstick is only made purple, all oceans are posted here:

Anonymous said...

Oh for the previous comment, i hoped it helped increase your knowledge about kpop oceans ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! Shinhwa means "legend" or "myth" in Korean and "Shinhwa Changjo" has a meaning along the lines of "creation of a legend." So it's actually a pretty cool name for the fans ^_^ Anyway, thought I'd let you know. Have a lovely day!