Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning Korean

I am not sure if writing about my korean lessons is kpop related or not. Seems a little but not exactly.

I had my second lesson today and there are so much overwhelming information that I have to absorb. Though I have a busy schedule, I try my best to learn as much as I can and memorise as much as possible. The initial part of learning the korean language is memorising and because they have their own form of writing, I have to memorise the writing too.

While learning Korean, I sort of miss my french-learning days. Suddenly I felt that it's a waste to be not practicing my French anymore after putting in so much effort in it. The similarity between my French and Korean teacher is they both don't speak good English.

My first French teacher speak very good English and therefore I have no problem understand what she was saying. Right now my first Korean teacher doesn't speak English well so I have problems understanding her and she will tend to speak Korean more than English at times making my confused! I feel that if a good english speaking teacher for the beginning part of learning a new language is important because I need to understand more clearly what she is explaining. I am not saying that my Korean teacher is not good. She is very nice and very patient. It'sjust that I have some problems understanding at times.

After 1 year of learning French previously, I had a teacher who couldn't speak English well. So he basically taught French using French. But because I have already learnt French for a year, it wasn't that difficult to understand what he was explaining.

Today is just my second class in Korean, so I have some problems keeping up with the teacher who uses lots of Korean to teach Korean. Fortunately, the teacher repeats herself alot. So after lots of repetition, I can more or less know what she is trying to say.

Guess I have lots of homework to be done... HWAITING!!! (Jia you!!!)

Hey, I suddenly thought I can make up a French+Korean+Singlish sentence. Hahahaha....

Tu es babo lah!!!

Tu es (you are) babo (stupid-person) lah!!!

lol.... Smart hor?? HAHAHA...

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