Monday, August 20, 2012

Friend's Names

I have been practicing my Korean alphabets aka Hangul recently. It is really quite a chore to remember all the consonants and vowels and I have tried many methods to remmber them. So now on and off I will randomly think of words and try to think how they will look like in Korean writing.

Just now I was lying in bed and started to think how my friend's names will look like in Korean. Suddenly xin xue lai chao, I got up and write some of their names down. Hee hee... Ok I will post some here.

First of all I must post May's one first because she claims to be my most loyal reader so I think it's fair to post hers first.

Tang Su Yun will look like this:
I have only attended 2 korean classes so my knowledge is still limited. For hangul writing, I have only learnt the basics and therefore, there are some words which I am not so sure of. I hope I did May's name correct. I think hers should be correct la. Cuz her name is pretty straight forward.

I haven't learnt double consonants yet so those names which I think will have a double consonants at the last syllable will not be posted here.

Next is Wand Li Zuan!

In my korean lesson, there isn't any consonants with Z in it so I replaced the Z sound with J sound. So the writing below is actually Wang Li Juan. This is the closest I can get. Maybe there is a Z sound in Korean but I am not sure.

Then next is Zhuo Yan Hong. Like wise, I replaced the ZH with J.

My mum's name, Huang Yu Zhu!
 Last but not least, my own name, Miko Huang 

In future when I learn my korean better and realise that I have written your name wrongly, I will correct and post again~ ke ke ke...


Anonymous said...

li = 21 in korean?? haha... black jack leh........

Miko said...

wah lau eah lz... is blackjack all you can think of??? hahaha the 2=l the 1=i. but i never think of it as 21 la. only u.

Anonymous said...

my name is very correct. I checked with my Korean colleague, and its pronounced as Dang Soo Yoon....yeah... good job...

Miko said...

hahahaha... heng ah may teng!! I never lao kui myself! if I write wrong then xia suay!!