Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Job

May ask me to write something non-kpop related. It's hard because everything I do now is k-pop related so it's hard to find something to write. Therefore I am going to write about my job.

Last month, I have been successfully transferred to be a perm staff! Isn't this great news?? Previously I was a contract staff because my company doesn't really know if my position is required. So they tested water. Apparently, my department is very busy and getting busier so I have been 'upgraded'.

I am of course happy and my family is happy too. My father said,"Ho seh liao lor!! You can confirm everyday eat lunch at home from now and save transport money. You must be very happy!"

Yah of course I am happy to save money la. Money very important.

Another reason why I am so happy is because being a contract staff, I only get 12 days leave. Now I have 20 days leave! Yippee!!! More leave = more holidays.

Though this is not a highly paid job, I like it here. Firstly because I have great colleagues in this SG office, they really help out each other and not bitch each other. Secondly because my jobscope is quite interesting. It's better than some other office jobs I have done before. I can keep myself up to date with the latest music and movies. This is the best thing I guess!

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