Friday, May 06, 2011

Cooling Day

Today is cooling day~ So we are all supposed to be cool lah I think.

I am still in a confused state of dunno who to vote because my place here belongs to AMK GRC. I moved here last year and my previous home was in Aljunied GRC! Damn damn damn damn!!!!!!

How I wish I am at Aljunied because then I will vote WP with no hesitation at all! Now my place here is LHL versus Reform and the candidates in Reform are not that fascinating. So I dunno~ I am not the most politically correct person (lol, sounds familiar?)!

Before nomination day was determined to vote for opposition. I come from opposition background. Hahahaa.. I grow up in PP, Potong Pasir. I love PP! I think it's one of the best place to live in. I know there are no malls unlike Serangoon got Nex but PP is like a little cosy village where everyone knows everyone! My parents at that time were opposition supporters. They always vote Chiam See Tong. I hear his name more often than any other politician's name.

Although PP has very little upgrading, I don't really care. I mean, I don't need lift on my floor. I am not lazy till I can't climb up a single flight of stairs for christ's sake. I used to live on the 12th floor in PP and my lift only stops at 11th floor. I have to walk to the end of the corridor, walk up one floor then reach my flat. Anyway, those rich ppl living in bungalows also have to climb stairs what.... Or maybe the rich MPs got escalators in their home? I dunno lah.

I was very sad when we moved out of PP. We got to a place where we always kana walkover. PAP just stepped over our heads like that. So when we got to Lorong Ah Soo, I was very happy to be able to vote in GE2006. I voted WP~ Though they never win, they won a pretty high percentage of votes! That is good.

This year I am very sad to be under AMK. I think LHL will win one lah. Why I am not under Aljunied or Hougang??? Hougang is very near to my home you know. Just like one street away.

This year, alot of my friends around my age are voting for opposition. Except for May Teng lah, she is a pappy. Maybe because she is not around my age? LOL. My ex-classmates are all oppies. One of my ex-classmates posted a photo of him holding a WP umbrella. Oh and I think the umbrella is a brilliant idea.

Many pappies said that if we don't vote for PAP, we are being ungrateful. I think otherwise. LKY and his old guards are good politicians. They built Singapore from nothing but that is all in the past. And we have already paid LKY millions and millions for his efforts. I don't think I want to keep living in the past and remember the old days and just forget about the future. Past is important, future is even more important.

The new PAP candidates that are taking over LKY and the old guards... you saw Tin Pei Ling???

She said, " I dunno what to say!" and stomps her feet! WTF??!!

Let's take a look at her video.

This video is not done by me. It has gone viral with more than 200k hits already. Tin Peiling will be paid $15000 per month for being a MP....

I think PAP was freaked out by the number of people attending the WP rallies. They are scared. So scared that LKY (May's idol) threaten Aljunied residents that they will repay for their mistake if they vote for WP and they will have 5 years to repent.

Now, George Yeo (PAP-Aljunied) said that LKY's speech "created greater anger, greater resentment in many people".

From a report about George Yeo's rally:

As he embarked on the "most intense" election campaign in his political career and observed the "outpouring of pent-up emotion" from voters, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo and his team came to a conclusion: "The PAP must be transformed."

Acknowledging the "resentment against the government", the Minister who is heading the People's Action Party's Aljunied GRC team said, the PAP government needs to exercise "flexibility" in its programmes and treat its citizens as "human beings".

You see, he said that PAP needs to treat its citizens as human beings. You mean to say PAP never treat citizens like humans in the past? Then in the past they treat citizens as what?? Dogs ah???

And he says PAP need to transform. How come in the past never say want to transform. Now 2 days from voting day then say want to transform???

Then did you all hear about our minister, Khaw Boon Wan, asking Singaporeans to send their old folks to JB if they think Singapore old folks home are too expensive? Is it because old folks cannot contribute to Singapore anymore so can send them to JB? The old folks are those who supported PAP in the past lor.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

A plug for these homes came in Parliament on Monday from Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who said Singaporeans could save money by using JB nursing homes. For what it costs to board someone in a private nursing home here, 'you can stretch it easily to pay for at least 21/2 months of nursing home care in Johor Baru', he said. The facilities there typically charge between $450 and $1,000 a month, compared to those here which ask for between $1,000 and $4,000.

Mr Khaw said another perk is that JB is 'near enough for relatives to visit'.

So mean!

Then we still got Vivian Balakrishnan who overspent on YOG budget by 4 times.

And just now I saw this posted in a forum. I was very very shocked because apparently MOE is hardselling Singapore's PR to foreign students!!! Do we really need to sell our PRs like that????

though i am very against the influx of FTs, i still treat them like a fellow being and have never look at them with a different perspective.

i was having lunch with a PRC colleague. shes a 24yr old gal who just graduated from NTU and now working in a MNC while waiting for PR approval.

just started a casual topic like, wad do u like about this country and how are u coping so we get the standard reply. wad stuns me, was the answer to my next question.

me: " so wad makes u decide to come here"

PRC: " i didnt"

me: " wa, ur parents force u here or ur bf is here"

PRC: "neither, ur SG gahment invited us here"

me: " huh, wad do u mean"

PRC: " ur MOE went to our school in our village and told us they URGENTLY need students here, infact they were hardselling the whole scheme and many of us signed up"

me: " huh, wad did they offer"

PRC: " they offer us, ALL Expenses paid for our fees in NTU, including lodging and we even get pocket money"

me: *mouth open

PRC: "on top of that, they have send me the INVITATION letter to apply for PR after we grad"

i seriously begin to wonder the magitude of the FT problem has many more sides that many of us do not know,

i lose my pride as a sgporean after hearing this and i really wonder do they really care ?

if u give a PR who starts a business here and bring jobs to sgporeans, by all means.

BUT if u choose to so-call groom a FT and seemingly used up tax payers money to fund it, i totally do not understand the reason why.

my guess is, they bring in more FTs, give them the candy and they bring in more FTs, which i belive is working because she told her friends about this scheme and many of her friends are here now, at the expenses of home-grown sgporeans.

i myself was deprived the chance of studying in a local U.

but yet a villager from a faraway land with no visible society contributions gets the chance of studying here, all expenses PAID.

are we really worth this much to the gahment ? is it really we got not enough pple here to study in NTU ? then why are they rejecting sgporeans who meet the pre-requisites ?

WHY is it that I cannot have a free degree also??? The taxes we paid are used to pay for the degrees for overseas students lor... And apparently many people followed this forum and commented that it is true.

Anyway I am not a politically correct person lah so I also dunno what policy this is. Maybe PAP got a very good reason to do this, I dunno lah.

I only know that I either vote oppo or I void my vote.

Lastly, Show u all a very nice video done by someone in support of opposition. I am not asking people to be like me and vote opposition. In fact I haven't asked anyone to vote opposition.. except YH because she doesn't know who to vote.

I am just showing the video because it is very very well done. I don't think PAP has such a video. In fact I cannot find any pro PAP video done half as nicely as this.

Stay cool.. Breath... Breath deeply...


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Kongming said...

my friend's gf from hai-nan, she bonded for 6 yrs nursing, FOC sch + work standby for her.. No need to go interview...
now PR