Saturday, May 28, 2011

@ Daiso

Some time last week I went to Daiso with my parents and Yuxian. It was a super crowded saturday and Daiso was super mega crowded. We couldn't even get a trolley. My mum wanted to buy bowls and spoons etc. My mad sister was stuck at the hairband counter trying on all the different hairbands at the mirror. Tsk tsk....

I bought a pair of black stocking for opera use. Black stockings are very good for opera~ For holding up my super long hair!

Then we went to the toys counter and saw some really funny things. So I made my mum try it out.

This is my 秃头老妈~

Then we brought the mask to Yuxian but she refused to put it on. LOL But we managed to convince her~

I dunno why buy my sister thinks that this is a mask of a monk. It is actually not. It is a mask of 秃头~ LOL~

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