Sunday, May 29, 2011


I wasn't interested in this Japanese movie, Gantz, at first. But then I saw a trailer at the box office and changed my mind last minute to watch this show and I didn't regret it! It think the idea and concept is quite interesting and new.

So after watching the show, I was frustrated to see the words,"to be continued..."

Sian! Have to wait for part 2 to see the ending. So I went home very kan chiong to find the comics and read it.

The comics have like 37 books and my home simply cannot have anymore such stuff coming in so I read the comics online. I already bought 2 sets of comics, Deathnotes and Slamdunk and my mum has been urging me to throw slamdunk away. My slamdunk set is more than 8 years old le..

So now I am so addicted to reading Gantz that I spent almost every single free time I have reading it. I know I have important stuff to attend to but I am just so excited to know the ending that I have to continue reading it. I am at the 28 book already. Finishing soon!

Although this comic set is really nice and interesting, there is a part that I really don't like. That is there are a lot of sexual references. A lot of big boobs scantily clad women walking around throughout the series and I am really not interested in that. I just want to see the fighting and the story.

I was reminded, during reading, that a friend once told me that she finds comics very confusing. She doesn't know where to read from. I told her, very simple, for Japanese comics, read from right to left, top to bottome. Then for english, its the opposite. I don't read angmoh comics. I think they are sort of... the same... I love manga more...

Any nice manga to intro me??? But wait till I finish my important jobs first else I will spend days and night reading....

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