Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thai Dance

I did this Thai dance thing on the day after the Great Election. LOL or General Election and very unfortuantely, my VIP that night was Miss Kate Spade.
Susan 显露她妩媚的一面~ Swee or not??

MY mum first time wear something like that! Actually we dunno how to do the Thai dance, we were just there to 充人数~ Although the VIP was TPL, the even went on well. We had a guest who suan TPL on stage but I think there is nothing much TPL can do about it. She can't possibly just stomp off right. So she stayed till the end of the whole event.

That night Nick hosted the event but he didn't really read political news so he doesn't know about TPL.

Ironically, we were acting a skit that night and I was wearing this nonya costume. Nick plays my husband and on stage he said that I am Little Nonya. And TPL's fierce rival in the GE was little nonya, Nicole Seah. So it was very ironic....

Still we finished the show without too many hiccups~

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