Sunday, May 15, 2011

JB 2011

Today I went JB! YAY!

Going JB is fun because got a lot of things to see and buy~ Though I must say I am little disappointed today that one of the thing I bought got problems.

Anyway, I am supposed to meet KL at 10am and pick FM at 1030 but KL overslept! Poor FM waited at kopitiam in a huge rainy day for us to come. She cannot get sick you know, later Amai will come hamtam me.

We travelled smoothly into JB without jam. Actually got jam lah but KL cut here cut there then no jam liao... LOL, we very bad I know but no choice, time constrain mah. So the first thing when we got in was to have lunch and thus we have this KL ho gai siao...

KL ho gai siao number 1:

Bak kut teh!
This is the famous JB bak kut teh. Very crowded and finish very early one. FM likes it too and she told me that there isn't any bak kut teh in Taiwan. Therefore she sometimes buy packs of bak kut teh back for her mum so they can eat during winter. But I think packet bak kut teh is not that nice leh. KL thought that Bak kut teh originated from Taiwan. Apparently he is wrong. Like many people also thought Hainanese chicken rice comes from Hainan....

After the lunch we went to Holiday Plaza. Holiday Plaza is like a must-go place for a lot of Singaporeans. LOL... It is definitely a must-go place for me lah. We walked around, looked at many game shops. KL went to see his car things and me and FM shopped at the game shops. Heng FM also like to play games like me! So got people company me to walk around the shops looking at the game accessories etc.

We also got common topics like games, opera, taiwanese... yep, taiwanese is also a very good topic because I know more taiwanese than malaysians, indonesians, thai, china chinese..... And thank god she didn't think my continuous ranting is nonsense lor!

FM is happy with the tour at holiday plaza. She got the information she wanted and seen the things she wanted though she didn't buy. LOL. But seeing is also good. You know the price and you know the functions. Can plan then next time come in buy.

KL managed to find us in a game shop after he was done with his car things. LOL, so many shops there but he still managed to find us.

Then we went to the next must-go location, Giant. I need to go Giant everytime I go JB cuz I need to buy cooking oil. LOL! My whole family depended on me for cooking oil you know!! In future if KL never go JB with me then I cannot buy cooking oil liao. I also bought one big bucket for May Teng. I am a good friend lah, help her buy never mind..

FM bought a lot of chocolates! LOL, she is the chocolate queen. I also like but I don't really buy them... I bought a lot of cooking oil and some peanuts for my father. And also a bottle of cincalok which I dunno why he say Singapore dun have..

Really dun have meh? I tot it's quite a common thing here. Anyway, maybe JB is cheaper...

Later on we had KL ho gai siao number 2:

Da ma hua yuan...

LOL, I was telling FM about how ang dun like food that looks black and I asked her is she eats black food. I ordered this black stout ribs which is really black and she tried.

Apparently she likes it alot~ So this goes to shows that some taiwanese do eat black colour food. She goes back and told Amai about the black food she ate and amai was puzzled about it. She asked me what black food? LOL, now food is categorised into 2 category, white food and black food.

This black ribs got funny name, 黑啤骨. Sounds like black ass... LOL... We were laughing our heads off with this name. Today I also tried this salted egg with bitter gourd dish. DAMN NICE!!!! I like bitter gourd and this salted egg gave it a bitter and saltish taste. Can't really imagine these 2 tastes together right? But it's so amazing that they actually taste great together. FM likes the bitter gourd too. KL dun really comment alot. I think he ate until sian liao? But he told me he likes the bitter gourd too.

It's good to rant a bit to FM because she works in a line which understands my difficulties too. So when I kp, she can totally relate to it. And recently, I didn't have a chance to kp too much. In class, everyone doing their thing, May got many scenes so she cannot entertain me one lah, YH she always stone. Else she talk to some other people then I also think better don't kp in front of so many people. So today, it felt great to rant a bit. LOL. And FM can comprehend my ranting...

Kinda sianz leh.. Feel very demoralized and unmotivated. LOL...

But I am happy today's trip went well and that FM was very happy too. KL was abit in a rush to reach his dinner appointment so I think he quite nervous at the end of the trip. Heh~ But I know he also enjoyed because he accomplished what he wanted to do too~

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