Monday, May 09, 2011

GE Results

After staying up the whole night last night to watch the results of GE2011, I had mixed feelings about the entire result. First of all, I am very happy that Aljunied has voted for WP! It is time that there are alternate voices in the Parliament. PAP was good but when someone stay in power for too long, that person is bound to lose his/her focus. It has been proven so many times in history. Similiar Chinese saying, 富不过三代. Money and power can corrupt people. It is also repeatedly played in opera over and over and over again..

So I am happy that WP won Aljunied~

But I am also very sad that Potong Pasir is lost to PAP. I grew up there and ever since I was born, I keep hearing Chiam See Tong's name. I am sad that this warrior that has fought for PP for the past 27 years has to retired now. Potong Pasir residents didn't pay a single cent for their lift upgrade!!!

And those people who lived in Tampines.. They voted Mah into parliament. Residents in Tampines (who voted for PAP), don't kp and kb when you cannot buy a flat when you get married because flats too expensive. Don't kp when you cannot afford to pay COV. You voted for it... Thanks to them, we are going to have a $1million flat soon.. I wished that George yeo is in Tampines and MBT is in Aljunied lor.

Those people in Marine Parade (who voted pap). Thanks for voting Kate Spade in. Now we have one feet-stomping-dunno-what-to-say MP in the parliament. Don't kp when you go find kate spade to help you and kate spade tells u 'i dunno what to say'.

Please don't kp that living costs are high because if you can survive on the $600 PAP gave you..

Everyday I hear ppl kping about the government, about rising costs, about foriegners getting their jobs etc. My mum kp everyday about the gas going up, about the water bills going up.. I told her, vote opposition.. no point kp to me right. I not government.

Let's welcome the 1 million Foriegn Talents coming in with open arms and open legs! YAY!

Now that PAP won majority of the seats, MPs and most imptly MBT said he will look into the reason why voters didn't vote for them. HELLO?? Isn't it pretty obvious already?? Especially MBT. It is so freakin obvious why people didn't vote for him so why is he still so unsure?? It's blaring all over the internet that people buey song him because of HDB prices. These MPs now their vote percentage goes down they start saying things like PAP will reform, will think what is wrong with their system, will amend their mistakes etc. Now that election is over, all these will be forgotten.

I must post some funny quotes from the pro-opps to create some laughs.. I wanted to find funny quotes from pro-PAP but they don't have sense of humour. Too bad.

From a taxi driver: knn all the other GRCS all tok cock nia.....also alot of turncoats in potong pasir.......... lastly.....y??? y??? Y PAP WIN JOO CHIAT!!!! F!!!!!!!! Knn next week anyone going potong pasir reject going Aljunied free for 1 day

Then another taxi driver replied: Yah yah "HUh wat tampines?? i dun knoe how to go there...... Aljunied?? come come free ride....." :P

From facebook: I'm happy that Tin Pei Ling is in our government. Now everyone's truly represented. Even the intellectually disabled

From facebook: Marine Parade has 5 years to repent. But do not worry, Tin Pei Ling will show you how, right after she figures out what to say.

From forum: If a king has been slaying its peasants for 5 years, after that the peasants rebel and take over one of his castles, u think the king will say, alamak, must not kill any more peasants. listen to them, change my stance.....KILL THEM ALL LA! reconquer the castle, burn all the chao peasants and continue ruling with an iron fist

From Forum: Where is MM Lee? he is waiting for them to repent while at home watching cable tv and collecting $$.

From Forum: Goh said Wong Kan Seng & Mah Bow Tan not as important as Casino Yeo, can be sacked. I think we better play safe & vote all 3 out lah. Then can play golf together or something.

Then I saw some one holding up a sign that says 'Mahboro' with a skull drawn above it. Can't find the picture anymore. Else I post here...

Lastly, someone did a video with the Returning Officer's speech! LOL I listened to him whole night I can almost memorised his lines...

Gonna disable comments because this is purely my opinion, I am sure some pro-pap will flame me but I don't need to listen.

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