Friday, April 29, 2011

Library @ Nex

Amai tempted me to borrow books from Nex because the books are so new! LOL, I got fetish for books. Just love the smell, love the beautifully aligned text, love the texture of the paper.

So one day I was at Nex with my mother and I brought her up to the library. I assured her that I won't spend too long in the library. She has got terrible experiences of me spending too much time in bookstores and libraries when I was little. She used to 'throw' me inside a library while she did her shopping and she was back, I was reluctant to leave.

That day I didn't want my mother to wait too long because I can see the 'sian' look in her eyes. So I just randomly picked up 2 books from my favourite author which I reckon that they should be good.

When we were leaving the library my mum offered to return the books for me when I am finished. I said that is a good idea because sometimes the books were overdued and I have no time to return them.

My mum then asked me where is that hole to return the books so I showed her. She then said,"Ooooh, I like to drop the books into the hole, it's very fun!"

So this is the actual reason why she wanna return the books for me. Not because she is afraid that I will get fined again, it's because she enjoys dropping the books off....

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