Monday, May 09, 2011

PM and MM

This is so interesting that I must post here. So that those who don't follow the news can read too..

Remember the time when LKY says 'People of Aljunied, you will live to REPENT!'?

Then PM LHL replied with, 'MM is MM, his views remains his own'. He said:

THE current Cabinet's way of working with Singaporeans to get results is different from Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's way

While the elder Mr Lee understands the need for a different approach in working with a new generation of Singaporeans, he, however, cannot be other than himself in speaking his mind on issues.

'MM understands that, but MM is MM,' the Prime Minister said

'MM says: 'Why don't you do things in a certain way? Proceed, it's important, critical for Singapore.'

'And we say: 'Yes, we understand but, please, let us do it our way because we are different from you and it's a different generation of Singaporeans from the Singaporeans who worked with you and built this Singapore in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Foreign Minister George Yeo, anchor minister in Aljunied GRC, said: 'I think it's good that PM made that clarification, because MM's remarks puzzled quite a lot of people.'

Yesterday, the Prime Minister also made it clear that he and his team are now the ones in charge.

'This is the PAP Government, me, my team, and we are taking it forward - same strategic direction but doing it our way. I hope voters will understand and will support what we are doing.'

Elaborating on his team's approach, he said: 'We understand the hard truths. We understand what we need to do but we cannot do it - and we don't try and do it - MM's style. We do it our way.

'And it's a difference in generations - between MM's team and my team, between your parents and you.'

Apparently, PM lee was freaked out by his father's comments and was scared that his father's words will piss off the PAP supporters. Thus he made a clear line drawing a line between him and his father. Tsk tsk.. later go back papa is going to punish his son liao....

LHL is still governing under his father's shadow.

So today on the news, MM Lee replied regardings the results of the election, 'couldn't say more, I am not the prime minister.

Got sparks leh~!! LOL..


Anonymous said...

lol, your posts on politics are very readable and interesting.

"Let's welcome the 1 million Foriegn Talents coming in with open arms and open legs! YAY!" - 很黄很暴力。


Miko said...

LOL, actually I wanted to add a line but I tot it was too yellow so I didn't.

I wanted to write, welcome them with open arms and open legs and get ready to be screwed!!! :P

Anonymous said...

lol, aiyoh cannot lah, must 矜持 a bit, 含蓄 a bit, cannot be 太露骨.

i still like this better,

"Let's welcome the 1 million Foriegn Talents coming in with open arms and open legs! YAY!"

LMAO, very funny, very entertaining, very classic, 很黄, lol.