Monday, March 14, 2011


I snapped...

I always snap when I play video games and I can't get through a shitty puzzle or a shitty game like that GOD DAMN CHOCOBO RACE!

This afternoon, I came a cross a video of a guy who snapped when he was playing a game, Silent Hill. He couldn't get pass the stage so he was cursing away and screaming at the top of his voice. This reminded me of myelf and I felt rather comforting to know that other people are like this too. I am not the only one who always snap.

When I showed this video to a friend, I told him this is a bit like me. He told me that no, actually it IS me! LOL. Am I really like that? Do I really rant non-stop and do crazy things like hitting the walls?

Eerr.. actually I do, in the past. When there was no youtube and there wasn't any thorough walkthrough in the internet yet. I will rant on and on and on...

Something classic will be like,"SHIT!!! SHIT BIRD!! SHIT STUPID FREAKING SHIT BIRDS! I didn't do anything to you!!! WHY ARE YOU HITTING ME??? I didn't kill your father! I didnt kill your mother!! WHY HIT ME??? Why would someone design a game like this? It's so freakin IMPOSSIBLE! SHIT!! WHY?! WHY?! SHIT WHY?!! AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

Then I will scream "Arrragggghhh" X 10 until all the steam is out.

LOL, that is so classic. But I seldom do that now because my parents hated all that noise I make so I only go like that ki siao when no one is around. And nowadays most of the puzzles can be solved just by googling. It is those STUPID EAT SHIT mini games that really frustrated me. I mean there is no cheat, no way, no strategy to get through it. It's like plain luck! I tried and tried and tried and tried but I can't do it!! I JUST CANT FREAKIN DO IT! Whenever I think about that mini-game, I felt irritated.

In the past, my friends and game kakis are all guys. So they actually pass on this ranting habit to me. LOL. But they are good gamers, they can solve the puzzles themselves eventually. I am a wimp! I admit and I don't care. I just go buy the guide book, which normally cost $20+, and just follow it through the whole game. I know that gamers look down on people like me but I am a wimp! So yah, I read guidebooks!

My guy friends will laugh and me and say that I have no backbone because I played with a guidebook. I dun give a damn lah. LOL. I am not even a guy so who cares. I happy can already right.

Still the guide book is not everything. Sometimes you still get stuck with stupid things. I shall not go into details here. Point is, if you see me talking to myself when I am playing games, it's perfectly normal. Few ppl saw me like this before. I think even May or YH never seen me breaking down in front of my games before.

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