Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A rant is the angmoh version of kp. I am trying to act angmoh so I saw rant instead of kp.

I think human by nature like to bitch about things. Few ppl that I have met in my life that doesn't bitch about things around them. There are so many things to bitch about! So many things to rant about!

For day to day activities to your work to your family to your hobbies... etc..

I dunno, maybe someone who doesn't say anything or rant about something that irritates him or her, the person's head might explode lor!! LOL. Ah may always complain that she headache. Maybe she didn't kp enough? If she don't let it out, her head will explode very soon. Then we will all be very sad.

If May;s head explode then I cannot fulfil her dream to dress her up as Fan Li Hua in her coffin liao. No head how to dress up?

Recently I have a few friends telling me their death wishes like how they want their funeral to be, how they want to look like, May even chose her funeral photo already. I dunno why, do I look like a person with a long life? Hahahaha...

Yh says that she is a fan of my facebook page already but I don't really update my facebook alot. I mostly comment on people and browse photos. I have no idea why she is a fan of my fb. She should be a fan of my blog lor! Yh is mad. She always says that I am mad but she is the one mad and she is super mad.

We went to a farewell chit chat session at Ya Kun yesterday for Ang. We didn't really talk much though. I was sitting at a far end corner which I think is a good place because ang cannot see me at that corner. If she doesn't see me, then she won't be reminded of things. So I better keep myself out of her sight.

White eyed YH and May sit beside ang tho. I dunno what was going on but May was having an atittude. She was sitting there at the other corner of the table and choosing split ends. I wonder if she has scissors. If not how to remove the split ends? Find already also no use. White Eyed YH sits beside Ang. I am not sure if she got kana anything or not but she has been kping alot. And she started spreading rumours that she wanna join the dan department. I will very much welcome her in here if she wants to!

News is there is a new student in COI. I haven't really seen her yet but according to reliable sources, this new student has got potential. Although she is an auntie, she can walk quite well in the sheng steps. I dunno, I haven't seen her in action yet. So rumours are spreading that YH will be kicked out of her second line xiao sheng status. Apparently, a few people are very happy about this! YH was very sad lor. She wants to come to my department and kick me out instead. Come lor. I dun really care you know...

HAhahaha.. Very random posting today. Think of wat then write of wat...


Anonymous said...

I not white eyed ok? When I reached, I have no other place to sit. then I wanted to sit beside YH but ang insisted she wanted to sit beside her. and I have a nail cutter from Baolian to cut my split ends lor... BTW, I just bought a pair of small scissors so that I can cut my split ends anywhere and everywhere,,,,,,

Miko said...

HAhahaa.. I also got a small scissors in my bag for the same purpose! Finally u leave a comment lor, after so long... Remember to come on sat!

Anonymous said...

Anyway i dun kw why ang wants to sit beside me . And left may the other side. And then i aso dun know why u wemt to the other far far end. Madnedd every where n with all the people in coi including me i know u would say tat. I didnt spread rumours of being dan. Its u who spread the rumours mk huang. Haha... And for the new student no cmt cos i didnt even see her before. But i know many people are so hapi over this .... Hahaha.. And our dearest ang aso quitr hapi i will 死在沙灘上。madness still wana sit beside me. Madnessssss!!!!!!!!