Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flight of the Bumble Bee

I was playing with my PSP on my bed and I was playing 'Taiko'. You know the drum game? I played once with Amai in an arcade before and I just found out that I actually bought this game some time ago but I didn't play it. So I was playing it for awhile and as I am such a random person, the game reminded me of The Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Many people might not know what this is but it is a violin piece that is extremely fast and extremely technically demanding. I have heard this piece a long time back and was amazed by the speed you need to play it. The music sounds like a bee buzzing around. LOL, that's why it's called the flight of the bumble bee.

So I stopped playing Taiko and went Youtube to find a video of the piece and I happened to come across 2 guys trying to break the Guines World Records for the fastest violinist. The first one set the record at playing the whole piece in 66 seconds. Which means he played 13 notes in ONE second! Can you imagine how fast his fingers are?

Then the second guy broke the previous guy's record at 58 seconds!! That is 14 notes per second! Amazing I know. I found the video of the first guy who set the record at 66 seconds.

They were checked in a slow mo playback to ensure that every single note was played correctly.

Here is the 2nd guy who broke Garrett's record at finishing the bumble bee in 58 secs. In this video, his cert shows that he completed the piece at 65 seconds but then later on he broke his own record at 58 secs.

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