Friday, March 11, 2011

Comfort Designs

Recently, I did some photo touch up for Comfort Designs and was happy to go to their road show to see the actual banners. The print out was really nice I think.

Their new product, the Jellyfish chair, is like a yoga chair, bouncy and yet it doesn't roll about. I think it's quite fun to sit on. I helped a friend to buy one and brought it home. My mum likes it too. Maybe I will buy one for our living room.

Think Nick was very happy to see the banners too! And him being there boosted the sales a little.

Comfort Designs also sponsored the furniture in Nick's home. So good right. He got almost all his furniture from them except beds because Comfort Designs do not sell beds. This is the benefit of being an artiste...


Anthony Yeoh said...

where can i get this jellyfish chair? how much ya? thanks..

Miko said...

hi there. u can get it at Comfort Design's show room which is at ubi.. checkout their website~