Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fatal Frame

We all know how good the Japanese are at making horror movies. Years ago, a japanese game maker made this horror game called Fatal Frame. At that time, my good friend, Henry played that game and freaked out. He told me about it. Later on another friend told me she tried the game but stopped halfway cuz it was too scary.

I bought this game for PS2 but I didn't play it. My brother played it instead. I tried but whenever I am holding the controller, I felt stress. Like I dunno if I should turn around a corner because I was afraid a ghost might pop out. Or when I am at a door, I dunno if I should open it because there might be something behind it waiting to scare me.

Fatal Frame is now at it's 4th installment and it is now on wii! I dunno how it can be played on Wii. In the game, the character will have a camera and if you see a ghost, you will have to aim your camera at it and take pictures. Once you take a successful picture of it, it will deal damage points to the ghost. Some stronger ghosts requires more shots.

However, I think it's quite funny to have a gang of friends at night, switching off the lights and playing it together. LOL. I found some very funny videos of a guy playing Fatal Frame and got scared shit out of him!

Beware, there are lots of cursing in these videos.

Anyone up to the challenge to play this? I still have Fatal Frame 1 and 2 at home.. :D

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