Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Function at MBS

It was Hersing's DND and Nick got an invittation for it. Hersing is a huge company with ERA, Storhub etc. Their DND was at a ballroom in MBS. A friend of Nick gave him seats so we went together.

Nick didn't want to go at first because going will means having to PR with many people but I told him that PR is good for our company and good for himself too. He got a very strong urge to tell me that we don't go but in the end we still went. I think he didn't regret going too.

Mark Lee and Flying Dutchman was the host for that night. I took a photo of the stage but I think can't see their faces la.

Oh, I just realised that I didn't take their photos at all. LOL. Anyway, we saw a few other MediaCorp artistes too and they were actually just beside our table so I took a group photo of them.

Nick was all dressed up looking very suave that day! But too bad I didn't take any photos. I also dunno why I never take any photos of him alone.

Everyone also recieved a doorgift that day but that doorgift is a box of tools for wine. I don't drink so I don't have much use for all those things. I gave it to my father but I doubt he has uses for them too.

That night event was not bad, quite interesting and they played a few games which I think were quite funny. We can take note of them and use them in future.

The food was very nice but we didn't eat alot. LOL, cuz prior to going for the dinner, I was at Nick's home and we were 2 very desperately hungry people so Nick cooked instant noodle for both of us. We happily ate and after that we were abit too full for the dinner. Hahaha. A bit silly I know... We even went supermarket to buy vegetables to cook instant noodles.

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