Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BBQ gathering.

My relatives used to only see each other twice. Once on chinese new year and the other time on the tomb sweeping day. So in order to break that tradition, my dearest cousin, Shedico aka chuyun, organised this bbq session together with my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat is the youngest sister my father has.

Zhen yin on the right and chuyun on the left.

Aunt Pat is very enviromental friendly. She prepared these cups for us with names written on them!! But hor, I cannot find my name. End up, she has forgotten to write a cup for me. I got no cup!

Then she finally wrote a cup for me with my name on it. :)

This is Aunt Pat's cup. Hahaha she must draw that pig there. So cute right? I remember she used to draw a lot of pig faces on my arms and legs when I was very very young.

Zhen yin said that the curry is very nice!

But chuyun likes the chicken wings!

That day, I realised that my sister has never played in a play ground before! How sad that she dun even know how to play with the swing and to swing high! I have to push her and when she got the hang of it. She likes to swing very much. Can't blame us for not bringing her to the playground cuz she is always more interested in playing games. She doesn't like to go out with us anymore.

The bbq session allowed us to exchange gossips and latest news happening around us. Eventually they started talking about the past, talking about how my grandma has got 9 kids and 3 were given aways etc. The past is always full of interesting stuff and joy when they talked about it. We will all listen in awe about all the crazy things they did in the 60s. LOL. I think we will have another gathering in September.

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