Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kite Flying

It has been many many years since I went kite flying so one day I bought this kite which was on sale outside the office I worked in. Little did I know that the kite is a lousy kite.

So I jio KL to go kite flying with me on a Saturday. But first, we went for Macdonald breakfast. I love hotcakes! LOL

I love xiao mung!

The kite I bough fell dead on the ground. So sad lor. It cannot fly! So in the end we got another kite from 7-11. It was a little expensive but I think it looks cool. I love it!.

Our new kite.

This kite turned out to be a high flyer! hahah It took off easily and glided up the sky with little efforts.
Like a bat!
Though I like kite flying, I hate the sun, so I must still shield myself with my pink umbrella.

I ask KL to fly the kite with the umbrella too!

Wah, you see, our kite is flying really very high! It's now just a dot in the sky.

Me, flying kite is like fishing, all I have to do is hold the line. :)

Luckily, I put on lots of sunblock on my face so I didn't get too dark. I hate it if my face is too dark then I have to put on a lot of make up during performance. But my arms and legs got very dark! hahaha, so I am now like having 2 tones on me. KL on the other hand likes to be dark so he can go out there and stand under the sun without problems. I think next time we should try to fly at night then it wont be so hot. My god. You cannot imagine how hot Singapore is during the noon on a clear day like this.

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