Sunday, June 06, 2010

PC still down.

Yes my PC still down and I am still secretly using my father's Laptop. I got no choice. My PC forced me to do something like this. I am a very busy person ok but I still need to blog and check my FB regularly so having no computer is like a disaster to me.

The latest news is that my Laptop is coming back on Monday, UNREPAIRED. Cuz repairing the whole thing is too ex and I think I will just reformat it will do. SianZ! I hate Window Vista.

Today I spent a great day at SL. Lots of nonsense. Lots of laughters. Lots of Shits. Took some videos but cant blog. Sadz. I hate it that I want to blog but I can't cuz if I dun blog it now, I will probably forget all about it tomorrow. That happens very often and I have many things that I never write down. I have short term memory. If I don't keep a regular blog, I think I will forget everything when I am old. By then I will have Lao ren chi dai zheng.

If my PC still don't come back on Monday, I will continue to KP and KP here. LOL.

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Anonymous said...



我的電腦"壽終正寢" 了 T_T



我用的是桌上型電腦。可我看到網上有人用Ben Q 筆記型電腦,竟然用了六年,太強了。這算是筆記型裏面的"人瑞"吧!