Monday, June 14, 2010

Relax one corner

A few days ago, I suddenly feel like going out for a walk and relax one corner. So I brought myself to Vivocity. I tried very hard not to spend too much money. LOL, it's the great Singapore sale! I can't help myself but buy some stuff. Stuff which are like super cheap that you won't find it again if you don't buy it. I bought tank tops, shorts etc for like $5 or $10 each. Damn Cheap.

Then I went to Starbucks to have a coffee and watch people. It was a Tuesday and I wasn't working so I have totally nothing in my mind. I got my coffee, found a sofa seat and just sat there watching people shopping, tugging their kids, holding hands, doing homework in starbucks etc. It was really relaxing. Then I played some games on my PSP...

How shiok is this lor. LOL, KL is always jealous that I can do this kind of thing with no trouble, no problems in my mind and totally stress free. Hee hee... Aiyah, life is really short, even if got problems also don't need to think about it too much right. I have got friends who got cancer. The truth really jumps out on your face that life is short. Don't make your life difficult by thinking about all the problems you have.

Of course, my doctor says that it's because my prozac is working. Prozac or not, I like the way things are now. So carefree.

Oh yah, I went to punch another hole on my ear! One on each side! LOL, that Ponyo aka Cai Yayi wanted to get her ears pierced but she is really scared. Scared of the pain. So I promised her that I will go with her for the piercing and I will get another one too. So we happily went to Orchard together and got our ears pierced! Hahaha.. Miss Cai was really nervous lor and she kp that it was very very painful. It was as painful as she has imagined it to be.

My second ear hole. So now that we have our ears pierced, Miss Cai told me not to talk about her ears or mention her ears cuz it will make her think of the pain. So crazy lah she! Hahaha...


Anonymous said...


When I do my laser, please come with me. I am very freak out too.

Miko said...

laser? what laser is that? for ur eyes?