Thursday, June 24, 2010


I think it's fate. It's not like I purposely desgined myself to go to Hongkong but it just happened like this. I mean, I didn't expect myself to go HK so many times because I have other locations I want to go and I don't wanna spend all my money and time in HK. Somehow it's fated that I have to visit HK so many times. HAHA.

Well, first it was Ekin's concert. I mean, it's EKIN! His first stop concert will definitely be in HK so I have to go see it. I didn't regret though, it was a great concert and Ekin is so cute.

Then now KL told me that his company is sending him to HK for training, he asked me if I want to tag along. So coincidently, he is going there for training and he can go for free so he offered to sponsor my half my ticket to go there. So since he offered, I accepted.

There you are, I am going HK yet again for the 3rd time in my life. LOL. Never mind lah, this time I have targets. I wanna drink the winter melon bubble tea!! So damn nice! LOL. Then my bro wants me to get some Ekin's DVD. Ah well, this time I have to work out which part of HK I wann visit since I have already gone to the parts that I want to go.

I will be going to HK in August~

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Kongming said...

thrice within 1 yr... u another 1...

my share friend went hk thrice within 1 yr also