Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dinner with cousins

Had Dinner with my cousins not so long ago at Chomp Chomp. Wonder why Chomp Chomp is named like this? I also duno why. But I think it's because eating furiously sounds like 'chomp chomp' and that you can say someone is chomping away and thus the name.

All the chompy food.

Then I realised that my cousin's fathers went to KL together no so long ago. I asked them how come my father is not included! Want to die liao lor.

This is a big fat cup of sugar cane juice!! $3 per cup! LOL. and this hand belongs to cousin Deina. She say I must take a photo of her hand too so people will know the cup is super big.

As we all know, Chomp chomp is like a super crowded place and many people always stand around you waiting for you to finish your food. This made my aunt very uncomfortable. She is those kan cheong type so she urge us to quickly finish eating. I think chomp is a bad place for gathering cuz it's a eat and go place, cannot sit there to talk.

So in the end, we realised that we cannot end this gathering just like this because it's too short and we didn't exchange enough information about our families. In the end, we all came back to my home to continue the gossip session.

We, the Ng and Yap family cousins, have a lot of mo qi I think. LOL, My cousin A suddenly shout that how come me and Cousin B having the same toe nail colour. I looked down.. and laughed. Then She said the scariest thing is, she has the same nail colour too!!!

I think we really got a lot of mo qi lor. NAil colour also put the same! Hahaha.... Great minds think alike.

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