Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yay, I just bought Jay Chou's lastest album!

I seldom buy an album without first listening to the songs online if they are worth buying or not. The only exceptions are my idol Ekin and Jay Chou. Ekin, I just find all his songs nice! hahaha.. ok lah. I admit I am obsessed with him. Jay's albums are nice so far so I trust that he will not release a lousy album so I just bought it.

Listening to it right now, as usual, there will be a few rap songs, one chinese style song, one 'sweet romantic' song and some heartbroken sort of songs. I find that he usually makes a combo like this. If the songs are nice enough, I will learn them to sing in ktv. hahaha....

this is one of the songs I like... Very nice.

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