Thursday, June 24, 2010


May said that I should title this entry as the 'Yucky blog' because she thinks that it is very yucky. But I dun think it's yucky at all. It's just my hand!!

As I blogged before, I am allergic to many things. I tot that I have already known every single thing that I am allergic of like plasters, grass, coloured feathers, confetti etc. But this allergy struck me without letting me know what it is.

I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly my hands and feet were very very itchy. So itchy that I cant sleep. I have to wake up and scratch them. It made me very pek cek. DAMMIT.

Then in the morning, I found my hands and feet swollen.

Picture not clear but there are some bubbles on my hands and palms. It's really .. scary. And my mum freaked out when she saw that I have lots of bumps on my thighs. OMG. My father also freak out so I went to see doc.

The doctor says that I am allergy to something but she can't tell me what it is because I haven't eaten anything or touched anything that I am allergy of. So she made an appointment for me with National Skin Centre to check it out. I will probably do some tests there to determine what caused the allergy. I am going to ask the doctor to list down a list of things I am allergic to. Damn. I tot I have already cured myself of allergies!

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