Friday, December 25, 2009

Ekin Concert!

My tickets to an immensely passionate and exciting concert.....

The concert that we have been waiting for 11 years~

We have got good seats because we bought the tickets early, even before they released it. We asked the HK fans club to get them.

Initially we wanted to watch Ekin pray outside the concert hall but then there was a very very big crowd there already and the rain is starting to fall and the weather was so damn cold. I saw a Japanese girl wearing Kimono there, waiting fo Ekin to come out to pray. I used my jacket to shield myself from the rain and then my friend took a picture of me.

Abit look like ghost lor but not bad lah. Natural shot. LOL. We couldn't stand the cold so we gave up and went to Mcdonald's instead. We missed the praying session.

At Mac, we started cam whoring.. Hahaha.. Nothing else better to do.

Me and shun bin.

With the boards we made in Singapore.

LOL, this is the back of my jacket. Our Ekin Club International uniform.

The tickets!

Wanna show the logo but.....

My Ekin looked ever so good....

The concert was fantastic! Ekin sang with lots of feelings as the last time he had a concert was 11 years ago. He really felt grateful and touched that he is able to stand in this stadium again with a full house. Yes, tickets sold out in like 2 days.

I wasn't lying about the full house! See this video!

Hee.. See the full house? This was even before it was filled up man.

Started taking photos of random things....

This is my little bro. Not very little. One year younger than me only.

We are super fans!!!

The hall started filling up....

After so many nonsense photos of us... Let's look at Ekin's handsome photos. Of course I never took these. These were taken by pro photographer that night and I got them off the Ekin website. Enjoy!

In his conert, Ekin was really very emotional. He said that he never knew that he will one day stand on this stage again. He cried when he sang 感激我遇见. He said that he really 感激 all the fans whom he knew supported him throughout all these tough days. All these years, never change. Ekin's PA, Shan shan (I mentioned her in my previous entry), said that Ekin hasn't changed over the years and so does his fans. The fans used to be little girls and call him Ekin gor gor. Now, his fans are all grown up and bringing their kids to watch the concert!

We didn't change through out so many years when he was down. Yes, that is us! LOL, we have been liking him for like.. 14 years liao. Had never change and will never change!

At Shan shan's speech, Ekin cried.. He was touched that his fans were so supportive and that both nights of his concerts were full. I remembered that when he was in SG, he told us during our gathering that he was afraid that no one will come to his concert. :)

Ekin cried so much that he couldn't finish singing 感激我遇见. The fans finished it for him. He said that this song brought him alot of feelings and emotions. It totally described how he felt about his fans... Ohhhh.. Make us cry with him with his words leh...

The touching lyrics of this song:

靠向我身边 你带笑却无言

在落寞情况 常赠我明天

纵会有辛酸 有了你我愿担起每天


伴我高低起跌 幸运及那失意天

并说声多甘心及情愿 过每天



唯独是可爱的脸 手挽手肩并肩

有缘碰见 仍留有我身边

心 真挚倍添 爱倍添 荡来这段缘



Man.. I listening to this song now, I felt like crying also.. Haiz.. It's just so touching lor. All the fans crying with him. Imagine that. I think I will cry now whenever I hear this song.

Something unbelievably happened after the concert. Ekin had 4 ENCORES!!! My god. I have never been to a concert where the singer had 4 encores before! It's like he went down but no one left. Not even those at the last rows. ALL OF THEM stayed and shouted encore. Ekin came up and he sang one song. After that he went down again but the fans refused to leave and keep shouting and screaming till Ekin came up the second time. Sang another song.

He came up 4 times! LOL The announcement kept telling the audience to pack up and go but nobody left! In the end Ekin didn't use the rising stage to come up. He climbed the stairs instead. When the last time he came up, he didn't sing anything. He just cried and said thanks to everybody for coming and bye bye.

What a touching scene. 4 encores!!! Haiz. I wanna see his concert again!!!

LOL Someone said that I gonna blog about Ekin this whole month. No la... I won't. I will blog other stuff too but the most exciting that happened this month is Ekin. I took a video of the encore on the first night. The first night, some last row audiences left and there is only 1 encore.


MIchelle said...

OH MY!!! THANK U SO MUCH miko for updating this...i miss ekin soooo much tooo and too bad i didnt find ur blog earlier if not i would have begged u to help me get 1 ticket for his concert and i will go and see him too! but i'm sure he will do it again soon:)
and yup i have a facebook account, u add me plsss. my name is amber michelle khoo
or email

and once again thanks for updating the concert!

Anonymous said...

"....LOL Someone said that I gonna blog about Ekin this whole month. No la... I won't. I will blog other stuff too but the most exciting that happened this month is Ekin...."

LOL, yes you will blog about other things too, but you will still blog about Ekin this and next month?(It's the end of December now)

Anyone want to bet if Miko gonna blog more about Ekin this month and next month? How much you want to bet?

Anonymous said...

I think long hair has become his 'logo'.

Anyways...i am sure (or I hope) you did other things while in HK, right? lol.

Did you go sightseeing all the Christmas light decoration at Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 ?

Miko said...

hee hee... aiyo openly betting in my blog. then i can manipulate the results liao.. keke.

I did went to Tsim Sha Tsui too to see the lightings. I couldn't take pics tho... cuz its too far away...

Anonymous said...


Yes, betting on your blog, and if you are the dealer, you have to pay us. And silly me i were consecutively forgot to write my name.

ah, you were too far to take picture of lighting? I guess you miss that place, you didn't went to that part of the town. Too bad. There were lots of ppl celebrate there and they sell some funny Christmas stuff too.
And you can make "wax hand" of your own, perhaps a 'lotus hand' in Chinese Opera, you know. Did you see Christmas in Disney land?

Did you get to know some HK ekin fans? Those, LED light sign were what i were talking about, so they really are lights, not just reflection, right? I think they are so cool.

michelle said...

LOLZ. i hope u blog about ekin more...

anyway nice fotos of hk..
i wonder if its true that there will be part 2 of his concert...

Miko said...

Littlebird.. You are so right about the wax hand! I saw it in HK at the PEAK but I didn't do it. Shit I should have done it with the opera lotus hand. LOL i wished that you told me before I went.

Those boards are really made with LED lights and there s a battery pack behind the board.

Michelle, I dun think so fast will have another concert... but if there is, dun miss it!

michelle said...

ya man miko i wun miss it! no way i will miss it again lor.
but if have remember to help me get a tic also k cos i dun know ppl in hk and i totally have no ideas who to ask so i might pester and beg u till u are willing to have me tag along lolz.