Monday, January 04, 2010

My baby times

I don't have any vivid memories of being a baby but yes, I was once a baby too! Surprise. Yah. LOL.

As I am the first child in the family, unfortunately, I had a lot of photos taken. The whole family was excite by this new addition you see. I got photos from my first month all the way to my first birthday.

I happened to be looking at the photos the other day and took them using my hp. They turned out not quite bad so I am posting some here. Hahaha.. I was a chubby baby!

Without much hair apparently.

Here is one of my photo which I have no idea when it was taken. I do have some memories of being in this place though. It's like a CC and I was playing on the stage. Hee hee I think I started liking stage life since I was so young~

Should be taken in AMK ba. My ancestors lived in AMK and some descendants still live in AMK now. Eg: Smartchic. :D


michelle said...

lolz. ur baby fotos very cute leh...make me also wanna go dig my baby fotos out to see... u ah so long then blog...

oh ya miko! ekin's having part 2 concert in june!jrz11mqRFlmVg1K5OsZB/article?mid=456

Kongming said...

so cute!!!

Anonymous said...


Nice outcome. They are not by scanner? So you mean you use camera to take photo on the photo album? what camera you use? what is 'hp'?

hehe, the last one is cute, like you are in urgent and need to go to washroom, lol
You look pretty in the dress ^^!

I have no memory of my child time, I think it would be creepy if you can even have memory of baby time, lol

Miko said...

ok if ekin really got concert part 2 then i dunno if i can go again. it's like i went to hk to frequently le recently.... Aiya i busy mah.. but i will still blog when i got the time.

Littlebird, I used my handphone to take photos of these photos because I don't have a scanner at home. I think childhood is the happiest time in memories lor, not so many worries and troubles.

michelle said...

lol. yes miko can see u busy cos wait so long then one blog entry wor...