Tuesday, December 08, 2009

To Hongkong Again

It's crazy but yes, I am going to Hongkong again for the second time this year. :P I had no choice because apparently my dearest Ekin decided to have his concert on 18 and 19 Dec. I couldn't miss this concert as he hasn't had a concert since 1998.. 11 years ago! I must be there to show support.

I was surprised that Ekin's 2 days concert tickets were sold out 2 days after it was released! Thank god we have some connection with the people there and manage to secure tickets for me and my bro. Yes, my brother is going to tag along this time. This is the first time that I am bringing my brother anywhere. He hasn't been out of Singapore for 9 years already! He is also very excited about visiting HK and to see Ekin's concert.

Also, I heard that Disneyland's winter theme this year is super nice. So I will be visiting it again! Yes, I am crazy to go Disneyland twice a year but I can't let my brother go there alone. He will get lost in it and cannot find his way back to the hotel.


Ya, so I will be gone again from 16 Dec to 22 Dec. Will be in HK to enjoy the cold weather for awhile. Cannot stand this hot weather here it's driving my nuts. Wait for my photos! Yes, again!

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