Thursday, December 24, 2009

I appeared on Ch8!

LOL, I didn't know about the filming, I didn't know that they will be showing my big round face on national TV. I didn't know anything about it and yet Mediacorp put my round face on TV when interviewing my Musical Association Chairman.

I remembered that on that day I was in a rush to go to the temple from the library that I did my make up in.... 15 minutes? I didn't even put my fake lashes lor. If I know my face will be on TV, I will put on the lashes sia. Hahaha..

Yesterday, I was looking at the photos I took in Hongkong when my mum shouted me to watch Ch8. I thought what the hell sia... Then I saw first my chairman being interviewed. Later on, they played a part of my performance in the temple. My god. My face is very pale lor... Haiz.

The show was '星期二特写'. You can download it from MobTV.

I was performing a part from '益春留伞'. Wah liew,. I should powder my face more... Shit.

LOL, thank you Mediacorp, for putting my round face on national TV. I hope my opera teacher don't see this.


Anonymous said...

That's okay, you look fine on tv.

Don't worry, you didn't pick your nose on tv. LOL.

Miko said...

lol...I think if they caught me picking nose, they wont show it on tv.

amai said...

picking nose???

Hmmm, interesting...(LOL)

angel koh said...

i want the picking nose clip :)