Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ekin in Town again!

My beloved Ekin is in town again promoting his latest movie, The Storm Warriors. This time, he is coming with Aaron Kwok and 2 directors. It's amazing how time flies. I remembered that I was there at the promotion of The Storm Riders 1 in 1998. 11 years has past and now here I am again, supporting Ekin in his sequel to that movie. LOL. That time, I saw Aaron Kwok too and the 2 of them really didn't change at all! They never age! My goodness..

Handsome Ekin's poster. I wish I have this to stick on my ceiling as wallpaper.

Ekin looking as handsome as before.

Isn't he cute in this photo? I took many cute photos of him. Nowadays, it's easier to and more cost effective to take photos of EKin unlike 11 years ago when I need to develop all the films and they costed me a bomb!

Ekin with Aaron Kwok.

Then GV decided to give the Ekin and the rest a teddy bear. It's kind of irrelevant to the movie and the theme lor. I don't know why they choose to give the bear but it's cute when Ekin holds it. :P

While watching the event, there was this China chinese girl beside me who was damn rude lor! She kept pushing and squeezing the others and when the staff gave out free gifts, she greedily takes about 3 or 4 of them depriving the others from taking. She even snatched one from me! What a pest.

After this event at PS, my friends and I decided to go to Swissotel to wait for Ekin's return. He had to go to Vivo for another event so he won't be back that soon. We had plenty of time. While waiting, we talked and joked abit...

Finally at about 9:30pm, Ekin came back. He saw us and recognised us immediately. He told us that he is sick and that he can't stay there to talk to us that day. Poor Ekin, he really looked sick. We told him that we will be sending him off at the airport the next day.

We didn't see Aaron Kwok and the directors coming back to the hotel so I guessed that they must have gone out to play while poor Ekin return to the hotel first.

The next day, Ekin was still sick. He had a bad stomachache. We saw his van arrived at T2 but he did not get off the van. As usual, the asisstants and the directors will get off the van and check in first while Ekin and Aaron will stay in the van to avoid the mobs.

Finally Ekin got off the van and headed for the toilets, with the protection of 2 security guards.

Shan shan and the directors then went to the check in counter. Shan Shan is Ekin's PA. We talked to her abit and asked about if Ekin is getting better and about Ekin's coming concert in Dec. We told her that Ekin's concert tickets were sold out 2 days after it was released. She was surprised too and we asked if Ekin will extend his concert. She said that apparently, Sammi will be having a concert there after Ekin so he will not be extending it.

Then someone pass 'My Paper' to Shan shan and told her got Ekin's news inside. She flipped opened the papers to the page and told us that the quality of newspaper printing is so good here. Ekin's photos appeared wonderful. I didn't know about HK newspapers. I never bought 1 before. Then she noticed the little columns at the bottom of the page with the meaning of some difficult words explained. She said that it's cute and she has never seen something like that before. The directors and the others crowded around her to see the little 'dictionary' below.

I told Shan shan that the chinese 'My Paper' has the same thing too. Some difficult words were explained at the bottom. LOL, They find it very interesting and cute.

At this point. Shan shan realised that Ekin has been in the toilet for a very long time. The directors joked that Ekin has 入魔 in the toilet cubicle. (Ekin 入魔 in this latest movie). Then the other director said that Ekin probably go in and out of the cubicle, there will be an explosion in the toilets.

Finally Ekin came out. This time, we didn't have any chance to take pics because Ekin was feeling terrible. He quickly ask Shan shan to check in. He went in and from the picture below, I can see Ekin was feeling terrible.

After he got through the gates, he immediately went searching for another toilet. Poor Ekin!

Throughout the time spent at the airport, I didn't see Aaron at all.. LOL...


Anonymous said...


原來你是一個追星族。You are so crazy for him. And how come you have the chance to be so close to take very close up picture of the two actors?

hey, did you develop your photo to let him sign autograph? (The photos that you taken with him)

May be his has some flu into the digestive system, so he is sick and often go to washroom.

amai said...

Oh dear, what have he eaten?

The teddy bears are so adorable.

Miko said...

lol, yes, I am crazy for him and I was crazier when I was a teenager! I didn't develop the photo to let him sign though.....

I am not sure what he has eaten but I believe it should not be singapore's food because he already had the tummy ache the day before.