Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bye Everyone!

Bye bye everyone. I am leaving tonight to Hongkong. It's going to be an exciting trip because I can finally escape the ridiculous 32C temperature in Singapore. It's quite cold in HK now. About 14C. It's the first time that my brother is going to experience a temperature that low so he is quite excited too. Most importantly, we are both very excited to see Ekin's concert!

Then we will be going to Disneyland again. Yes de. It's repeated for me but then I think it's ok because I heard that the winter decorations are really beautiful.

Also, we have made some cardboards to hold during the concert. So that Ekin know that we didn't just tell him we will go HK to see his concert but never turn up. We turned up as promised!

I hope that this time we will have a chance to have dinner or lunch with Ekin so that I got chance to talk to him!


Anonymous said...


That's nice and sparkly. Did you made them? how long does it take?

So you wrote in chinese calligraphy, and then cut these word, stick on sparkly paper and cut again? Your chinese calligraphy is nice.

I think on tv sometimes, I see some signs are electric lights of words, but i guess they are expensive.

Those electric signs reminds of me old toys of my age. A black box, you put some plastic knob on. When you turn 'on' They will be lights.

MIchelle said...

Hi Miko,
I am michelle and its really nice reading ur blog on ekin's updates! i remember when i was only 11? i actually went to FIRE disco/ tower records to see him and i've also been to his concert in 1998 in singapore.i was his fan from then and now though i still like him alot but no longer 'chase' after him already.
I can't wait for ur updates on his concert in hk but i heard and read online that its very good so pls do update when u are back and i will reading ur blog for more updates :)

Miko said...

Hi Michelle, I am back already! I was also in Tower Records that year too and also I watched the 1998 concert. This concert in HK was fabulous! EKin was so touched he couldn't stop crying... I will blog on it soon when I get the photos.

MIchelle said...

Hi Miko,

ya i saw that it was full house there in hk, how i wish i knew abt it earlier so i can go :(
awaiting for ur updates and if u dun mind, any further updates i would like to know, anyway i can get updates beside ur blog?

Miko said...

Do you have facebook? ACtually i don't update on Ekin that often. The more reliable source will be the Ekin's group in Face book which is based in HK.